crochet:: an update and the next big thing

As I near the end of Frankie’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamghan…

fatd 11

of course I have to find another massive project to fill my winter months…


Yes, I saved this glider from the dumpster.  I really need to quit doing stuff like that.

Frank helped me cut out the old seat webbing, and get it all cleaned up.

Now it’s time for me to design some yarnbombing.

I’m currently undecided if it will be acrylic yarn or nylon cord.  I’m leaning towards nylon cord for longevity, but the color choices aren’t as fun as I’d hope.  Hmmm, sounds like I need to do some retail therapy 🙂

Make today ridiculously amazing!

crochet:: how i did halloween

What do you call someone who ‘bah humbugs’ Halloween?

When my kid was little it was so much fun.

I have oodles of Halloween decorations.

I didn’t even open the boxes this year.

I was all, yay I’m bringing the Halloween boxes upstairs.  And then they sat in the living room for 2 days and I was all, nah not gonna happen because no one gives a damn.  And back down to the storage room they went.

And then I was all, but I gotta do something for Halloween. And we got invited to a party, so I was all I am making the most awesomest Harry Potter costume for my teenager because everyone at his job uses that as his nickname.  So I scrounged up every Harry Potter DIY pin from Pinterest to try to deliver on my promise and I made a magic wand and a back up magic wand and I planned a trip to buy fabric for the Invisibility Cloak and I got the Gryffindor crests done and I started to crochet a scarf and then those a-holes decided we weren’t going to the party after all.

So I didn’t bother finishing the scarf and I decorated for Halloween like this::

harry potter scarf

I also kept the magic wand and the back up magic wand.

If those boys mess with me I shall turn them into toads.

crochet:: yarnbombing preparedness…it’s an artform

I thought about doing a whole-parody-thingy post.  It was super silly, but would probably go way off the deep end of the goofy cliff with esoteric references.

What can I say?  I love International Yarnbombing Day.  

Moving on.

Instead I will just show you one of said yarnbombing WiPs and get my silly ass back to work.

There are 4 days left to hook your brains out to get ready 🙂

There is a great IYBD group on Ravelry.  If you aren’t already a member yet ~ give it a chance.  There are lots of ideas, links & pics.


crochet:: little WiPs = done

Just a couple of small projects this week…

~not really a practical wearable considering how often I wash my hands~

~I finished some forgotten dishcloths found at the bottom of one of my baskets~

And other than that…I got nuthin.

My creativity has been on vacation since last week (or longer).  My son is trying to hijack a bolster pillow form that I had big plans for.  I was finally going to make use of this aqua blue yarn, and he wants the pillow for himself in red & black after seeing my dishcloths.  Of course I will give in, I’m the mom.  That’s what we do.

We always take the burnt toast 🙂

I’m thinking of this pillow instead with the aqua yarn because someday my living room will look like this.  Yeah right.  But a girl can dream…

The weekend is almost here, wishing your’s to be ridiculously amazing.

Thanks for stopping by.

PS – IYBD is coming soon.  Are you ready?  (pssst ~ it’s June 9th so you still have time to join the fun!)

crochet:: more IYBD photos

I found there were other yarn graffiti ninjas in Omaha on International Yarn Bombing Day.

I saw these on Saturday afternoon and they made me smile 🙂

~mission accomplished~

Hat’s off to my fellow yarn artist!

Well played friend…well played.