photography:: some horses & my daddy



I know I don’t talk about my Daddy here at all.  But there are reasons.

My Daddy is amazing and brilliant and I am still a daddy’s girl at 45 years old.  My Daddy also has in-operable terminal cancer.  I have been able to spend the past 6 years with him because he is brave and noble and awesome and can SUCK IT UP SOLDIER and deal with all the BS that goes with his diagnosis & treatment.  So yeah, every moment I can spend with my Daddy counts.  HUGE.

This particular day? GREAT.

daddy 2

young stuff

He was able to forget the big C for just awhile.

He left the farm for the big city in the early 60’s,  so it’s been a very long time since he has seen a Shetland pony and her 1 ft tall baby.

Seriously ~ 12 inches at the shoulder ~ it was so cute, but the bull in the background was all “if I could get to you, I would be your worst nightmare”.

shetland pony baby

We talked and laughed and for that I am thankful.

That is what life and family and finding some zen is all about.

shetland pony baby 2

Have a ridiculously amazing day.

photography:: cat of the day photo

cali whaaaaa

Cali is all “whaaaaaaat?”

She is up to something when she looks like this…usually it has something to do with a dead bird or one that will soon be dead.  It’s like Monty Python’s ex-parrot sketch in my mind.

photography:: a one night stand or a long time love


Mother nature leaves me speechless since she only allows these beautiful blooms to last one night.


And then sometimes, she keeps a geranium alive for decades for many to enjoy it’s beauty.

photography:: cat of the day photo

Why do I even bother with fresh filtered water for these girls?


Within minutes of a rain storm one, then the other.


I could make MILLIONS if I bottled rain water for feline consumption…

goofy cats.

photography:: this is the wild, wild life!

DSC08283~ Little Dude (or one of his offspring) has resumed residence on my back deck even though his tree house umbrella was destroyed in a storm last year.  What a trooper!!~


~Droves of hummingbirds are making me a regular at the grocery store to buy 10# bags of sugar.  Beautiful but greedy little friends!~


~ Momma snapping turtle from the pond out back made the trek across my yard to lay her eggs across the street as she has every year for 10 in a row now.  I always love to see the babies trek back a few weeks later.~

~Make today ridiculously amazing!~

photography:: mystery solved!

and the winner is…

the Chipping Sparrow

sparrow nest

Lexi and I were out for a walk, taking some pics of my gardens.  When she wandered back to the house, I hunted for the little nest I found the other day.  We have a total of 4 eggs now, and mama bird was in the nest.  I scared her off of course, so I didn’t stay long but I was happy I finally saw her so I could solve the mystery.

lattice garden

peony 2014

Everything is a little behind schedule, but my flowers are starting to bloom 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

photography:: cat of the day photo

To catch a predator…

to catch a mouse

…off guard, the mouse merely needs to be faster than Cali.

He was.

Yay mousey!

photography:: my view is skewed

What I thought was teeny tiny enough to be a hummingbird nest is apparently not.

not hummingbird eggs

My research data is inconclusive as to the species of these eggs that magically appeared overnight.

And I say magically because I refuse to google bird sex to find out how they get there technically. So we are going with magically appearing bird eggs.  My *ahem* extensive research, which may or may not have been limited to hummingbird nests and hummingbird eggs on google images, resulted in the fact that these are not hummingbird eggs.  Hummingbird eggs are white and their nests are even smaller than this.  Hummingbird nests must be amazingly small because these eggs are only the size of jelly beans.  The island punch blue ones by Jelly Belly…mmmm.  Or the plum. Or the mixed berry smoothie flavor. Bye.

Running to the store for jelly beans.

See ya soon!

photography:: even more spring from my point of view

My Mom’s magnolia tree, my Granma Amy’s legacy snowball bushes, and a wee little hummingbird nest.

I love spring.


magnolia 2

snowball 5

snowball bush 4

hummingbird nest

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

photography:: more of spring from my point of view


One of the most exciting things before Sunday.

A rogue cow in my yard.


On Sunday ~ REAL DRAMA!

A coyote hunting field mice for more than 2 hours 50 feet from my backyard.

Not my photo.  Martha has a better zoom than I do.
Not my photo. Martha has a better zoom than I do.

Oh the humanity!