life:: benches are a place to find peace

After this post we took a break from garden projects for awhile.

A little refresher of the “before”

Now that that we have gotten back on track, check out the new and improved version of the bench:

It had sustained quite a bit of damage on one end, but my honey fixed it up great!

He is pretty pleased with both of his red benches too 🙂

I can see ALOT of time spent relaxing on these benches this summer.  What a way to find peace and quiet!  The day he hung the swing, I watched clouds float by for almost an hour.  The only reason I left was that the wind had gotten so cold that my fingers and toes were getting numb!

Every day is a gift and I have so many gifts to be thankful for and so many more to come.  I am so glad to have a wonderful family to spend it with.

life:: spring has sprung!

Cali & I took a walk around the yard this evening and wanted to share some pix of all the great stuff that is still alive in our gardens 🙂







~daffodils & iris & allium~


~blackberries & raspberries~

(the blueberry is really iffy…and oops! a sneak peek of a recycling project…)



(yeah, they need to be moved this year)


~snowball bushes~

(they are culprits that have over-taken the hyacinths)

~and EEEEEEWWWWWW…the remnants of a shredded deer in our yard~

And my goodness, there were LOTS of deer remnants to be cleaned up!  I left that mess for the boys – I am too delicate of a flower to touch that OOOKY mess the neighbor’s dog left behind…


So,here is the recycling project::

a couple of benches that just needed some TLC

they were inherited last fall when our good friends moved to Hawaii…they were sanded and painted

and look at the porch swing now!

That man of mine does a smash-up job, doesn’t he?!!!

The other bench is still being tended to in the garage and should make it’s debut at the front entrance in the next few days!

The swing will be quite pleasant to sit and ponder his veggie garden, which by the way is now tilled and rained upon and looking quite ready to plant.

Just a few more short weeks and we shall be farmers once more!

So, thanks for joining me & Cali on our evening jaunt around the gardens.  Have a lovely weekend!



life:: eat pray love crochet

I have jumped on the bandwagon.

I try not to, really I do.

My mother always taught me to not be a follower…

Never saw the movie.

Thoroughly enjoying the book.

Thanks for stopping by!

life:: treasures from Panama

If you have been stopping by to visit for awhile now, you might remember that my wonderful, incredibly cool Mom is a research scientist for a zoo.  She just got back from 2 weeks in the jungles of Panama.  Cool, no?

She was out tromping around trying to find rare and endangered plant species to save from extinction.  Like I said, cool!

My Dad flew south to Panama towards the end of her expedition and met her in Panama City to enjoy a couple of days relaxing and taking in the culture.  I may be 42 years old, but yes, my Mommy still brings me care packages back from every trip she goes on.  Isn’t she incredibly sweet?!

~ These are my treasures from Panama ~

She said she bought this blue quartz necklace from a “real rasta man” in the market after watching him work for a while.


The woman selling these handbags seemed to really amaze Mom, she was captivated by her traditional Panamanian clothing.  Sure wish she would have already shared her photos from the trip!  As soon as she does, I will try to get permission to post a few here 🙂

Isn’t he just adorable?  I need to find the PERFECT PLACE to display him in the house.  Maybe he will go to work with me instead so I can see him all day long, hmmmmm…

This is my favorite piece of all ~ it glows from inside!  I hope you can imagine what it looks like.  I really tried to capture it’s luminescence.  I must have taken 30 shots to get this one 🙂

Of course, Grandma LOVES to bring back treasures for her grandson as well.  She told my son that this was a traditional tribal bracelet.  I think I may have found a new challenge in this bracelet.  I may just have to construct a copy!  Can you just imagine all the beautiful colors that are floating around in my head?

New-to-me craft idea alert!


This was the masterpiece of the treasure trove!  A miniature chess set that closes up to hold all of the hand-painted pieces inside.  It’s stunning and gorgeous and he love, love, LOVES it!

The Spaniards…

versus the Incas.


How cool is that?!


I know I have been off-topic for a few days, but I haven’t been too productive in my hooker therapy.  I have been volunteering with teen leadership workshops and my home life has been quite hectic.  And now with the weather warming up, my husband expects me to help him in the yard ~ imagine that!

I plan on lots of photos when my newly emerging flowers bloom and of course I am still scheming afghan patterns to share.  So thanks for stopping by to visit about the other parts of life, I will not stay off-topic for long!

I’m off to get beaten in a game of chess ~ hope your weekend has been wonderful!