crochet:: ipad sleeve

Happy Independence Day!

The celebration of our 4th of July holiday has turned into a 3-day event.

Friday was the mad rush to get the food and party supplies,

Saturday was the neighborhood BBQ with a bonfire and fireworks,

Sunday has been a traditional day of rest and recovery,

and Monday will be the hooky day from work.

Of course, my favorite by far is the hooky day.

I had enough time today to get an early start to my hooky work and I finished the first of my iPad sleeves.


Super quick and easy with lots of room for other embellishments, only limited by imagination.  I’m thinking these will be great for craft fairs with ribbons and bows, or school colors, or multiple button fasteners, or the addition of handles…

The girls and I spent time hanging out on the deck today, and I am planning on more of the same tomorrow.

Have a great Monday ~ thanks for stopping by!

crochet:: too many WiPs

I am one of those people that if left to my own devices with too many irons in the fire, I am overwhelmed and do not function well.  I have been left to my own devices too much lately.

Too many WiPs and nothing finished.  AAAAARGH!

These are merely some of the works in progress I currently have on the hook.

(I also have some up-cycled bracelets that are kinda cute and I will share them a little later.)

Hex-in-a-square…all I can say is yuk.  Not liking it so much.

If it really becomes the flip side of the hawaiian granny pillow, it will always be the backside, hidden against the couch.

I do not excel a these hexagons.  I don’t see myself making this one again.  Buh-bye pattern…

As for the little pink squiggles…

those are iPad sleeves made with my super-simple laptop sleeve pattern.

iPad sleeve tip::

if you do not own said iPad, merely cut a piece of strong cardboard (7 1/4” x 9 1/4”) as a template

I am trying a new-to-me brand of cotton yarn, and I am quite impressed with the quality.

It’s Lion Brand Cotton Ease.

Good stuff.

So, on that note I am off to try to finish something.

Typing hands can’t work a hook…and my friend’s iPad is getting cold.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Edited to add::  

I’m adding this by popular demand and for all the nice people who have pinned my stuff on Pinterest, here are some directions to get you started.  Thanks for visiting 🙂

3-D hexagon::

This is based on a vintage pattern, and is much smaller than my photos above. By all means, please feel free to share tips in the comments if you find a way to make it larger.  I’m getting tons visitors from Pinterest who would love the know your secrets if you can get it to lay flat after the 9th row.

pattern notes::

* US terms

* fptr = front post triple crochet

* ch after joining counts as first stitch throughout pattern

* for multi-color version use 2 rows per color, change colors every other row

Ch 3, join with sl st to make ring or use a magic ring (my preferred method for this one)

Rnd 1 – Ch 3, work 11 dc in ring, join with sl st (12 dc)

Rnd 2 – Ch 3, dc in same st, then 2 dc in each dc, join with sl st (24 dc)

Rnd 3 – Ch 1, * 2 sc in next dc, sc in next dc, skip next dc but work 1 fptr around corresponding dc 2 rows below, sc in next dc. repeat from * 5 more times, join with sl st (30 sc & 6 fptr)

Rnd 4 – Ch 3, dc in same st, 2 dc in next st, dc in each of next 3 sts, * 2 dc in each of the next 2 sts for corner, dc in each of next 3 sts.  Repeat from * 4 more times, join with sl st (42 dc)

Rnd 5 – Ch 1, * sc in next dc, 2 sc in next dc for corner, sc in each of next 2 dc, fptr around each of next 3 sts 2 rows below.  Repeat from * 5 more times, join with sl st (30 sc & 18 fptr)

Rnd 6 – Ch 3, dc in next st, * 3 dc in next st for corner, dc in each of next 7 sts.  Repeat from * 5 more times ending last repeat with dc in each of last 5 sts, join sl st (60 dc)

Rnd 7 – Ch 1, sc in each of next 2 dc, * 3 sc in next dc for corner, sc in each of next 2 dc, fptr around each of next 5 sts 2 rows below, sc in each of next 2 dc.  Repeat from * 5 more times ending with 5 fptr, join with sl st (42 sc & 30 fptr)

Rnd 8 – Ch 3, dc in each of next 2 sts, * 3 dc in next st for corner, dc in each of next 11 sts.  Repeat from * 5 more times, ending last repeat with dc in last 8 sts, join with sl st (84 dc)

Rnd 9 – Ch 1, sc in each of next 3 dc, * 3 sc in next dc form corner, sc in each of next 3 dc, fptr around each of next 7 sts 2 rows below, sc in each of next 3 dc.  Repeat from * 5 more times, ending last repeat with 7 fptr, join with sl st (54 sc & 42 fptr)

Rnd 10 – Ch 1, sc in each st around working 3 sc in corners, join with sl st, finish off (108 sc)

crochet:: hawaiian granny square pattern

I am thoroughly enjoying my crafting right now.

I am so thankful that I have hobbies to take my mind off my troubles.

Loving the hooker therapy.

No big secret here ~ my dreamy layers pillow is just a giant hawaiian granny square.

I have searched the interwebs to find a pre-typed version to share to no avail.

So, I must undertake this on behalf of our great-great-great-great-great-grannies.

 My pattern for this has always been scribbled on paper, copied out of one of my Granma Amy’s books years ago.

I have no idea to whom the credit should go for this old granny square pattern.   But here it is…

hawaiian granny square pattern::

pineapple stitch is (yo, insert hook, and draw up loop 4 times) yo and draw through 9 loops, then ch 2

size “H” hook for worsted weight

ch 8 and join with a sl st to make ring (or magic ring – your choice)

rnd 1 – ch 1 (this counts as 1st loop of 1st pineapple stitch), make 8 pineapple sts in ring with 2 ch between each, sl st in 1st st

rnd 2 – 1 pineapple stitch in ch sp before sl st, *ch 2, 1 pineapple st in next sp, ch 2, (1 dc, ch 2, 1 dc) in next pineapple st to form corner, ch 2, 1 pineapple st in next sp*  repeat from * around and sl st into 1st pineapple st

rnd 3 – 1 pineapple stitch in ch sp before sl st, *(ch 2, 1 pineapple st in each sp to the corners), ch 2, (1dc, ch 2, 1dc) into the sp between dc groups, ch2*, sl st in 1st pineapple

repeat rnd 3

Thanks for stopping by!

life:: wine wenches rock

Why do wine wenches rock you ask?

Because they have a recipe for fun::

~take about 30 women~

~ mix with about 30 wine glasses ~

~ add LOTS of paint ~

~ sprinkle with sangria ~

~ add a dash of rubber chickens ~

~ stir in a whole barrel of laughter ~

and you will end up with a great evening with the girls

(and some really cool wine glasses too!)

the real scoop to make your own wine wench glasses::

wine glasses

rubber gloves

rubbing alcohol

cotton balls

craft paint


stencils (an option for the painting-impared)

1.  don your lovely rubber gloves FIRST, then wipe down your wine glass with the cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol so that the paint will stick  (it also erases mistakes – very helpful if you add too much sangria to the artist)

2.  paint to your little heart’s content

3.  dry it using one of these methods:: air dry for 21 days (not very practical)

or the easy-bake oven method:: air dry for 1 hour then pop it into a cold oven on a cookie sheet.  Turn the oven to 350 degrees and set the timer immediately for 30 minutes.  When the buzzer goes off after 30 minutes, turn off the heat and let it cool completely in the oven for a couple of hours

to be on the safe side:: hand wash only 🙂

Have wonderful weekend wenches!


crochet:: dreamy layers afghan pattern

The Dreamy Layers Afghan pattern is ready to share!  

I am nearly ready to start the border, so I will post more pictures later in the week.  These shots were taken immediately after I began the decreases this week.

If you should need any clarification let me know 🙂


dreamy layers afghan pattern::

40 – 50 oz. of yarn

“K” hook

the yarn I used – Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice – 7 oz/or 2 skeins each (there will be enough left over to make matching pillow cover)

11 colors – Duckie, Dusty Green, Fern, Kelly Green, Bluebell, Dusty Purple, Purple, Wild Berry, Magenta, Antique Rose, Rose

1 skein Red Heart in Delft Blue

Edited to add:: my border option used and additional 10 oz. of Red Heart white yarn.

row 1:: ch2, in 2nd ch from hook make hdc, sc, hdc; ch 1  and turn

row 2::  inc in 1st stitch (hdc, sc), hdc in next stitch, inc in last stitch (sc, hdc), ch 1 and turn

row 3::  inc in 1st stitch (hdc, sc), hdc, sc, hdc, inc in last stitch (sc, hdc), ch 1 and turn

row 4 – 120::  inc in 1st stitch (hdc, sc), repeat *hdc, sc, hdc, sc, hdc* across to last stitch inc of (sc, hdc), ch 1 turn and change colors every 5 rows (you will repeat each color 2 times)

At row 121 *this is where you can make the over-all size larger if desired by continuing the increase 5 row bands – or begin the decreasing here in a similar manner to the increase rows – decrease the 1st 2 stitches and the last 2 stitches tog*

row 121 – 240::  dec 1st 2 stitches (sc 2 tog), repeat *sc, hdc, sc* across to last 2 stiches (sc 2 tog) ch 1 and turn (make sure to stitch all 3 stitches tog on final row)

border::  here is where you can get creative as well because you can pick any color or combination of colors and make the border as wide as you choose (mine will either be in “Duckie” yellow or white)

border row 1::  sc evenly around entire piece as a base 

border row 2 – 10:: hdc in back loop only and finish off

finishing::  a fluffy tassel on each corner

border row 2 – ? ideas:: sc in back loop only for a more narrow ribbed border/scallop the edges with shells and picot in the light blue to make it look like clouds/2 – 3 triple crochet in each stitch for several rows for a ruffled border/use multiple colors to keep the rainbow going

another suggestion::  this afghan would lend itself well to being an “ugly blankie”  and would make a great way to use up all the leftover bits of stash – just keep randomly grabbing the next partial skein and going until it runs out, and pull it all together with white or black (or any other color) every so often in the body of the piece as well as for the border

If you decide to make a “dreamy layers afghan” please share your links and pix in the comments!!!!

I would love to see your vision of this fun pattern 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!

crochet:: baby blankie

This has to be my all-time, most-favoritest baby blankie pattern ever.

This particular one is for my niece, whose bedroom happens to be all in grass-green, with yellow and white daisies, and with the most precious white picket fence attached to the walls. (My brother did not enjoy THAT job – but it looks AMAZING!)  Her bedroom is like her own sweet little private garden…

like year-round spring-time…

Oh, how I miss sunshine and buzzing bees and hummingbirds and leaves on the trees!

I really miss these little visitors!!

they tirelessly entertain me during the spring and summer

the price of admission to their show is merely fresh food…

I gladly pay…

I hope they all come back this spring!!


Anyway, here is the skinny on the blankie…

the pattern stitch is merely::

sc & 2 dc in the same stitch, skip 2; repeat across (1 sc at end of row, ch 1 turn)


I love to use 100% cotton for babies because the mommies always tell me that this is their favorite blankie too as it doesn’t irritate baby-skin.  I usually use a G or H hook, use a foundation chain of anywhere from 80 to 110 depending on the age of the baby or the size request of the mom , and edge it with several rows of sc in back loops only.  The possibilities are endless.  I have made them in pink, white & yellow; green, blue & white; and several just out of a single-color.  Sure wish I was blogging then, I would have taken photos!

So ~ if you want an EASY pattern with no counting, and no book to reference all the time ~ give this one a try!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

crochet:: gifts & tree trimming

Season’s Greetings!!

Yesterday’s Bake Fest 2010 was a looooonnnng day, but very productive.  I made so many batches of cookies that I am still baking some today, and probably will have more to pop in the oven tomorrow.  I hope to share a couple of new recipes with you in the coming days.

I have being doing more wrapping today than baking and I had to show you this.

I LOVE this gift for my sister-in-law!  I was fortunate enough to see this Etsy seller at a local craft fair.  She makes some of the coolest jewelry I have seen in a while.  When I saw the flip side of the “sweet & sassy” charm, I knew this was THE gift for my husband’s twin sister.

I am sooooo wishing I would have gotten one for myself too!

Anyhoo,  I have been putting up more Christmas decorations again this weekend, and I found this::

Low and behold…a long-lost WIP!  I know from this view you are wondering, what the heck IS it???

Well, I’ll show you::

It is crocheted popcorn & cranberry garland…

I was in the process of making enough for the tree, and I must have packed it away last year instead of moving to the magical craft closet.  Well, I guess it is time to finish this project.

It is not my own pattern, it is a torn out page from a Crafts magazine ~ December 1998, by Maureen Egan Emlet.  It’s made with 12mm red wooden beads (about 48 for a 12 foot section), white acrylic yarn, and a G hook.

So, before my weekend completely slips away, I am off to make some more garland.

Happy holidays and safe travels!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂

2-10-2011 Edited to add explanation of garland tips.

string all of your beads on first…

add your slipknot on the end and immediately start the pattern stitch…

it magically builds 5 chains at a time without a full foundation row…

once you have done the correct number of popcorn pieces, slide a bead towards your work…

it’s kind of a pain to keep pushing the beads along to get yarn, but it’s not tooooo bad…

then I pull up some extra yarn, remove my large hook and pull the loop through the bead with a smaller hook,

take time to straighten out the loop back on the large hook, then you can keep on going

According to the directions, you should be able to make a 12 foot length with 48 beads with 5 popcorns in between.

Mine have been a little longer, because I have used heavier weight yarn, and I have a tendency to have a slightly loose gauge on my stitches.  I use 2 completed garlands on my 6 ft tree.

I hope this answers questions without infringing upon the rights of the pattern creator 🙂

crochet:: laptop sleeve

I have had this done for several weeks and completely forgot to post it!!! So, here it is.  Every laptop deserves a crocheted cushiony blankie to keep it safe on the run, and this is sooooo super simple.  I used a size H hook & acrylic yarn.  All you have to do is make a base chain a smidge short of the length (or width) of your laptop and single crochet row 1.  That will make it fit nice and snug.  When you get to the end of row 1, make 3 sc in that first original chain and start single crocheting down the other side of the base chain, putting 2 sc in the end, ch 1 and turn.  Then you merely continue rows 2 through 54 (for a Mac Book) by sc in the back loops only, and change colors whenever the mood strikes you.

Easy-peasy ~ I love functional artwork!

Happy hooking & thanks for stopping by!

crochet:: mochachino pillow cover

This was a fun project ~ lots of recycling going on here at my house.  I had 17 small bundles of yarn left over from the Mochachino Afghan project, and my stash is FULL already.

It all started because I had an issue with my store-bought couch pillows that were less than a year old.  They were lumpy and flattened and definitely not happy pillows.  So, I hunted through my magical craft closet and found that I had a large portion of a white king-size flat sheet left from a quilt.  (Don’t get me started on my whole quilting misadventure.  Don’t get me wrong ~ I LOVE quilts:: I have them on my bed, my walls, my couch, and stacked in my linen closet ~ but MAKING a quilt ~ a total nightmare! I call it “FABRIC-WRESTLING.”)


So, I had this great piece of white sheeting and 4 icky pillows; I could feel and eco-friendly project coming to life.

First, I tore open those sad, flat pillows to see what was inside and was pleased to find usable stuffing.  Then I made four 19” cotton squares, quickly stitched them into 2 pillow forms with the sewing machine, and divided the stuffing from 3 of those store-bought nightmares between them, closed them up, and VOILA ~ 2 new plump & squishy couch cushions!          (I still have 1 poor-quality pillow left, but I am thinking of making a small bolster style pillow. I am open for other suggestions too!)


I repeated the afghan pattern on a small scale to make envelope shams that I will be able to wash as necessary.  I ended up buying 1 more skein of the lightest color to finish, but felt really proud of myself that I repurposed so much stuff. WooHoo!

The other great part of all this reusing is that I absolve myself of the guilt about buying new yarn for the next project…

To make these, you just have to base chain enough to do the pattern stitch.  My pillows were 10 repeats wide, but if I were to make them again, I would repeat the pattern 11 times to be a make for a better fit on 19” pillows.  As you can see it is a tad too tight.

If you would like to make them, you merely need to make 2 of each piece: front cover, small back piece, long back piece and single crochet them together.  The longer back piece is to make sure that there is enough overlap to cover the pillow form completely.  I am going to add 3 buttons across the back to secure the envelope closure, but that is for another day when I can decide on just the right buttons.  The photos just really don’t do it justice, the lighting is just too dark tonight.


I hope that I have inspired you to try some repurposing at your home. Happy hooking!


crochet:: fall wrap


While (ahem…er) yarn shopping at Michael’s on my lunch hour (don’t tell my husband please), I found this fabulous free pattern that I just had to share.  Yarn shopping always leads to such fun treasures.  I am thinking about making this with wool in a deep claret red….

Aren’t the textures great for a crochet pattern?  You may need to enlarge it quite a bit to read the directions clearly.

Wouldn’t it be great in a cream color too??  So many patterns, so little time…

Have  a hook-happy day!