crochet:: market bag

market bag 1

Since my gig at the bakery fell through a couple months ago,  I have been trying to decide on my next step to move more towards my bliss.  I have been visiting farmers’ markets and I really like the vibe.  I am also quite inspired by these girls that do the market thing regularly.  You can find all of them on facebook and Etsy.

Jill @ Jam Tarts

Alice @ Random Girl Alice

Barbie @ Ta-Da! Workshop

Margaret @ RJ Ranch Pottery

One thought I had was that people might want a bag to purchase at said markets to carry their produce etc.  This was my first stab at a market bag, and I would have to price items made with this pattern sky-high to make any money.  I love the style, the shape and the size but it took me more than 4 hours of hooking to make 1 bag.   So, I am keeping this one for myself.  Because I will need something to carry all my money home in, amiright?

 You can find the pattern here.

I am now working on my own simplified version of a market bag.  I’ve also contacted my local farmers’ market for the rules & regs and it looks like I will be back in business next Wednesday! Yeehaw!

Make your day ridiculously amazing 🙂

crochet:: yarnbomb the auto

A few months ago I finally got a newer car.

I almost feel like I need to insert an obituary here for my old one.  I’d call it, ‘Ode to Jesus’.

See my cheap little tin can of a car had enough torque to pull big old Ford trucks out of the mud, so he was named Jesus.  Because Jesus Saves if you listen to the Christians.

Jesus was shall we say, a tad eclectic.  He had a disco ball hanging from the mirror.  He had a Hello Kitty steering wheel cover.  He had Save the TaTas and Apple stickers.  He had a crochet blanket over the back seat.  He had an Obi Wan Lego man on the dash.  He had kitschy STYLE.  He was such a dorkmobile and I loved him.  I had other projects planned for him…crochet spare tire cover…granny square headrests…perhaps a crochet driver seat cover…I would have continued to upgrade his dorkiness, but alas, he was over 200,000 miles old and Frankie was tired of getting him repaired.

So now I have Dweezil.  At least I think he’s been named Dweezil.  He has no personality yet.  I REALLY wanted my mid-life crisis car, a red convertible VW bug that would have been named Brad (yes, as in Pitt), but that was not the deal that got sent my way by the powers that be.  I couldn’t pass up the price and value of this boring-crossover-grocery-getting-nerd-car.

I’ve added back the disco ball, and the Hello Kitty steering wheel cover, but I need more.  Dweezil deserves more.  Jesus’ legacy requires more.

Today, I added cup holder liners.

That’s a start.

I prefer to call them car coasters.

car coasters 2


I made mine with 100% cotton yarn and an H hook.

car coasters 1

You can kitschy-up your car too if you follow this link.

Or this Pinterest pin.

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

crochet:: a chickie that i adore

During the BIG PUSH to get rid of UFOs, I forgot to show you that I made Cheep Cheep the Chick from the free pattern over at the Green Dragonfly.

chickie 2

As usual, it was created on the deck with a little vino involvement.


That was back at Easter time.  But hey, now would be the perfect time to head over there to snag a copy of the pattern and get a jump on next year.  That way when you pull out the Easter decorations for next year, you will surprise yourself with a little Cheep Cheep of your own.  They take no time at all to make.  And if you didn’t make the fab matching bunny last year, seriously you NEED to follow the link above to make one of those as well 😉

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

crochet:: vintage mohair

I found a great idea for the vintage mohair I saved from the dumpster over at Squirrel Picnic.

Talk about perfect timing!

mohair brooch

Fun & quick & cute!

mohair brooch 2

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

life:: when life gets in the way

I’m not a liar, I really planned on sharing more paint projects last weekend.  Life got in the way.  Important stuff.

But I’m back now and have lots of artsy stuffage to send you through the wifi.

Many, many moons ago I had cancer as we all know.  It made me decide to finish stuff and not let it languish in corners and closets.  Then I got lazy for awhile. Don’t we all?  The plethora of UFOs in my house got out of hand during that time, so I have been doing the BIG PUSH to get them cleared up and created before summer hits.

Summer means gardening, and my friend Martha wanted these garden markers like reaaaaallly badddddd.

garden markers

BAM! UFO #1 done 🙂

~champagne corks, wine corks, acrylic paint, bamboo skewers, clear spray paint~

Happy Saturday!

crochet:: little felted bag

*smacks forehead*

I forgot to share this!

Well, I remembered to throw a quick and fuzzy phone photo up on fb, but never remembered to take a better shot and give ya the details here.

felted bag

I found the pattern here.

Of course I made a couple of changes.  Really?  You didn’t remember that I rarely follow a pattern exactly?  Right.  So, I made mine a little wider (larger base circle), a little shorter, and I added evenly spaced holes for the drawstring. Then I added the vintage pin.

It made me think that I need to come up with a cute crochet daisy to make a similar pin.  What do you think?

crochet:: a scarf for next football season

With some leftover Hometown, I threw together this scarf for a Viking fan for next football season.

You may recall I made some Viking hats here.

viking scarf

Made from LionBrand Hometown USA super bulky in dc, ch 1 mesh; with quickie pom poms so that I used every last bit of the yarn.  Nobody wants 6 feet of yarn left to put back in their stash, right?  Because if I had 6 feet left, I would have to buy more of that yarn and add more to my TO DO LIST.  And we all know also that a crochet maven’s TO DO LIST is large enough to begin with…

And speaking of the word maven, I decided to look up the exact meaning before I hit the publish button to make sure I was correct in my usage of the term, and was very pleased to find this definition first::


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from Hebrew, and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge.[1]
I don’t know about you, but I sure think we are pretty awesome mavens.
Happy hooking friends!

crochet:: some cowls

One skein wonders.

Super duper easy peasy.

6 V-stitches per row until you have almost no yarn left, and then join the ends.

(V-stitch is dc, ch 1, dc in sames st, then skip 1)

how now brown cowl

~how now brown cowl~

misty rainbow cowl

~misty rainbow cowl~

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crochet:: damn my bohemian roundness

Oh how I wish I could wear tall boots with cuffs! 

But I think they are for skinny legs only…

boot cuffs

 So I made them for a thin, young friend of mine for Christmas.

The great story that goes with these::

Last summer, this friend gave me a tin full of old buttons that used to belong to her grandmother.

Guess where the buttons came from?  Yeah, totally cool.

boot cuffs 2

The pattern by Crochet Dreamz can be found here.  And here is the post.

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

crochet:: double duty

What have I been doing lately?

Lots of the hooker therapy.

I’ve been staying unplugged from the digital world mostly and trying to enjoy the early fall weather spending time outside.  I’ve done things like hitting farmers markets and working in the garden.  The most glorious of all though, has been the hours I’ve sat in silence on the patio with hot tea and yarn.  Ahhhh, I needed that.  It clears the mind and feeds the soul to get genuine relaxation time.

I’ve been meaning to make these for awhile.  They work as both freezer pop sleeves to keep little hands from turning blue…

freezer pop sleeve

and do double duty as a panhandle for an iron skillet

pan handle

Wanna whip some up?

Here’s the scoop::

small amount of cotton yarn

F hook

1. ch 11

2. sc in second ch from hook, and in each ch, then put 3 sc in end

3. sc in each on opposite side of ch, and 3 sc in end again

4. make continuous rounds of sc until it measures desired length and finish off (approx 23 rounds)