crochet:: husker football season is fast approaching

I’m working on ideas for my annual Husker hat design.

husker flap hat 1

~not 100% sure this is it yet, it’s just not edgy enough…a little too sweet~

husker flap hat 2

Miss Cortini, my second model wants me to add some Blackshirt detail.  I think she’s right.  They deserve a nod…they always deserve a nod.

Go Huskers 🙂

crochet:: a scarf for next football season

With some leftover Hometown, I threw together this scarf for a Viking fan for next football season.

You may recall I made some Viking hats here.

viking scarf

Made from LionBrand Hometown USA super bulky in dc, ch 1 mesh; with quickie pom poms so that I used every last bit of the yarn.  Nobody wants 6 feet of yarn left to put back in their stash, right?  Because if I had 6 feet left, I would have to buy more of that yarn and add more to my TO DO LIST.  And we all know also that a crochet maven’s TO DO LIST is large enough to begin with…

And speaking of the word maven, I decided to look up the exact meaning before I hit the publish button to make sure I was correct in my usage of the term, and was very pleased to find this definition first::


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from Hebrew, and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge.[1]
I don’t know about you, but I sure think we are pretty awesome mavens.
Happy hooking friends!

crochet:: help i might be having an aneurism and green bay just scored an interception, so i guess my life is complete…

I can’t resist sharing.  It’s Saturday night.  I’m not out, I’m not doing incredible things that I must post on facebook.  I bet on the Packers, he took Minnesota.

I am enjoying an evening at home with my husband eating junk food, watching football, and drinking wine.  I am also seasoning a new iron skillet.  Not that it’s important, I am just doing that also.  A wife’s work is never done…


You will not believe what he just ordered for me.

I am beside myself with…I just don’t know what to call it.  Joy?  Yes, let’s call it joy.


I got the new Knit Picks catalog today.  I had a 20% off coupon offer.  They have a sampler special.

I’ve got one of each of these f-ing colors on the way to my house as we speak.  Good Lord, I have never in my whole life imagined that I would get a gift like this!



UPS Dude, get here…NOW!!!!

I have also promised to make the most incredible afghan my Frankie has ever seen in his life.  It may take the next 5 years to complete, but I SWEAR it will be beautiful.

life:: football mania

Y’all know I loves me some football, right?

new to me front door hanger from the weekend-o-garage sales

Well the season is under way and I am showing some team spirit this week courtesy of my friend Tricia’s idea.

Wicked cool, no?


You can check out her Pinterest love here.

crochet:: cowl scarf

 The clock is ticking on my craft show and I need items that work up quickly.  Nailed it!

…and not even nailed it like this:

not my photo

because I know, I know…I have a habit of often ending up as THAT GIRL

Taking Husker gear to the show was high on my priority list this year. I really like cowl scarves, no tangling up with purse handles, no trailing behind you when the wind blows…and of course, team colors are always a big hit in the Husker Nation.  News flash: I was just told these are not in fact called cowl scarves anymore, they are now called ‘gators’.  Go figure, I’d never heard of that one.  And yes, I know I look like THAT GIRL, but it’s still 90 degrees here and I wasn’t going to pretend that it’s blizzard season yet.

I’m testing a new-to-me-yarn and loving it.  A local store, the only one with yarn in a 15 mile radius, is closing and I got an awesome deal on a bunch of super bulky Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn.

Lion Brand recommends an N hook, and I sped through 2 cowl scarves in less than 3 hours.  I can do this!!!!

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

life:: OMG I need to get a subscription to Sports Illustrated…and the Big Ten channel

Holy crap on a cracker!

That is AWESOME wrapped in FANTASTIC with a side of ~HELLS TO THE YEAH~!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

life:: cornhead nation

Eighty-five thousand people.

85,000 Huskers fans.

OK ~ there were a few people dressed in green for the Michigan State side, but still 85,000 rabid football fans in one place.  The magnitude of that is amazing to me.  That’s a lot of people coming together to watch college boys play a game.

And it was a great day for it. The weather was the epitome of a perfect fall day.

We did the whole get rolling on the road by o-dark-thirty.  We did the whole tailgate thing.  We did it all.  It was divine.

Did I mention that I love football?

There’s nothing like it.  Nothing compares to being there to experience it.

To hear about 40,000 people yelling ‘HUSKER!’ and about 40,000 more answering ‘POWER!’

The noise inside that stadium is deafening and energizing all at once.

Here’s a peek at my day in Husker Nation.

~great seats won by a great friend~

~the ideal bloody mary for a.m. tailgating~

~making the trek up to our seats through the sea of humanity~

~Really?  WTF?~

~1st touchdown balloon release~

~Larry the Cable Guy is up there somewhere~

~the sea of red~

~excellent hot chocolate~

(note to self: bring peppermint schnapps next time)

~coach Bo~


~I’m sooo making one of these~

Our neighbor was kind enough to let me take her picture for crochet inspiration.  No, I never ever stop with the whole “I can totally make one of those” when I am out and about.  She was even pointing out more scarf ideas to me by the 3rd quarter! 🙂

~Being so close to Halloween, we saw a few fun costumes.  Now that zombies are mainstream they are sooo over, am I right?~

~and before we knew it, the game was over~

Thanks for stopping by!

crochet:: football dreadlocks

It’s no big secret that I love football season.

When you are a Husker fan, it’s more like a religion.

I suppose it is that way for college football fans all over the US.

You wake up early on game day, you pack your cooler full of snacks and adult beverages.

You head to Lincoln about 6 hours before kickoff to revel in the whole tailgating experience.

You double check, then you triple check that you have your tickets on your person at all times.

You get dressed in everything red & white (and/or black here in Husker Nation to pay your respect to the amazing Blackshirts – that would be our defense stars if you are of another religion), even down to wearing team color underthings.  Not that it really matters, but you have to show true team spirit.

If you don’t feel you are representing the Huskers well enough with all that, then you begin to accessorize.

Hats, shoes, jewelry, purses, socks, hair-ties, beverage containers, flags, banners, scarves, gloves, face paint …all must be team color coordinated.

For those of us that crochet,  we make dreadlocks.

Yes, really.  I made Husker Dreadlocks.

Memorial Stadium here I come.

Game day will never be the same.

crochet:: cleveland browns gear

It’s that time of year…football and cold weather. BRRRRR!  I think I have my husband all set to take on the season 🙂

He is originally from Ohio, so needless to say, his favorite teams to watch are the Cleveland Browns and THE Ohio State.  Since his Mom always keeps him in Ohio State gear with Christmas presents, I decided to hook some super-soft and thick chenille accessories for this winter.

We have A LOT of snow removal to do in the winters, and this will definitely keep him warm.

I loved working with this yarn!  It was so fantastically soft and scrumptious!

I know that he will actually wear them because it is orange and brown in honor of his team.  As for the pattern – YIKES!  The pattern is called “wing it”.  I can say this much, it is all in double crochet.  It was another one of those that I did not write down because it was very subjective.  I made it to fit him and how he would use it.

I made the scarf exactly the same as my cancer ribbon scarf – only much bigger.  He wanted it really wide and long, so I increased the number of stitches for the first row, and he said, “Yep, that’s about right” and I kept double crocheting rows until he said, “Yep, that’s about long enough”.

The ski mask/hat is from memory of a photo I saw years ago, and I winged it by making him try it on over and over. Basically you make a circle of increases like you would for a potholder until it covers the crown and then make a few rounds of all the same number of stitches until you get to the eyebrows.  To make the eye hole, skip enough stitches so the wearer can see well by making a long chain that you will use as foundation on the next round, and start decreasing each round.  Make the mouth hole with the same method and keep decreasing as needed.  I finally stopped when he said, “Yep, that fits”.  The key to these for us was the yarn – I must say – choose wisely.  I originally started one in cheap acrylic yarn – big no-no.   I ripped it apart after about 15 rows because he said it would be itchy.  Boys! (insert exasperated look here)