crochet:: october made it challenge

Yesterday I lounged on the couch pretty much all day and played with yarn while watching football.

Check out my newest FO:

Can you guess what it is?

Still puzzled?

I was too.

 How on earth could this be a frisbee?

It is and it works!

You can follow this link to get to the pattern.

It’s a Vanna’s Choice contest winner, but I used cotton yarn & G hook.

 FYI, I didn’t follow the pattern either and improvised the color changes while staying within the stitch-count parameters.

My friend Rae-Rae has a new toy.

What have you made in October?

Visit woolhogs and join the Made Challenge this month with me.


crochet:: t-minus 2 and counting…

2 days left till the craft show and so far I’ve avoided any midnight yarn runs.  I count that as a win.  (Well, maybe that just means my stash is humongous.  But we’re not going to go there right now.)

Anyhoo, I’m just popping in to say hey y’all.  I thought I’d share a couple of the things I’ve been working on.

~more blast-from-the-past candle holders are in process, waiting for a layer of mod podge infused with glitter~

~pear/raspberry jam with a cute idea from here (cupcake liners to dress them up)~

~ more bookmarks are coming to life with this pattern link~

~coasters inspired by this pin~

~I was smitten by her color choice and the cute little crochet ribbon to tie them up with and couldn’t resist making a set for myself~  I’ll never be ready for this show by making stuff for myself!

~and somewhere in between, I have managed to make cream puffs inspired by my friend Jen at Two Frogs and a Grasshopper~

(I told you that I’d make them and although it took MONTHS to do so, OMG Jen they were sooo worth it! Thanks for reminding me how heavenly it is to cheat on my diet! PS – If you want my recipe, let me know and I’ll post it.)

Until later friends…I’ve got some serious finish work to complete by Friday night.

Thanks for stopping by!

crochet:: cowl scarf

 The clock is ticking on my craft show and I need items that work up quickly.  Nailed it!

…and not even nailed it like this:

not my photo

because I know, I know…I have a habit of often ending up as THAT GIRL

Taking Husker gear to the show was high on my priority list this year. I really like cowl scarves, no tangling up with purse handles, no trailing behind you when the wind blows…and of course, team colors are always a big hit in the Husker Nation.  News flash: I was just told these are not in fact called cowl scarves anymore, they are now called ‘gators’.  Go figure, I’d never heard of that one.  And yes, I know I look like THAT GIRL, but it’s still 90 degrees here and I wasn’t going to pretend that it’s blizzard season yet.

I’m testing a new-to-me-yarn and loving it.  A local store, the only one with yarn in a 15 mile radius, is closing and I got an awesome deal on a bunch of super bulky Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn.

Lion Brand recommends an N hook, and I sped through 2 cowl scarves in less than 3 hours.  I can do this!!!!

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

crochet:: utensil case

I’m one of those accounting-tree hugging-geeks that eats lunch at my desk.  The lunch I have (mostly) grown and cooked myself.

I am also loving the bento craze.

I am slowing amassing my own bento supplies and making lists and browsing lots of bento idea sites.

My bento box is a cheap-o plastic folding box from the dollar store, but someday, yes someday, I will own a gorgeous and authentic bento box for which I have probably paid way too much.

To be a proper tree-hugging geek and not use disposable items, I keep a set of utensils at my desk.

This is the case I made to keep them clean while rolling around in my desk drawers.

If you are so inclined, it’s just a few rows of hdc  (5 or 6 should do the trick) folded over by about 2/3 with a seam of sc, a chain loop, and a button.

And not that I use them, but I even keep a pair of chopsticks (cheater-style, tied with a rubberband) just in case I really need to feel authentic before I pick out the perfect bento box. 🙂

crochet:: yarny little friends

I fell in love with these little Rainbow Kids.

Aren’t they just a-frickin-dorable??

So first off, I want to thank Maryanne (one of the woolhog chicks) for the inspiration.

They’re so cute that I just can’t stop making them and sharing them with my friends’ kids!

And if you know me at all ~ you are 100% correct ~ I cannot resist naming each and every one of them.

crochet:: hooker mojo found

Maybe I’m just sick of the long-term huge WiPs I have going right now, and that’s why my hooker’s block has been so bad for the past few weeks.  I’m still working on the wool-eater blanket and a sky scarf, and frankly I’m bored with them.  I know I need to get them done but I have been procrastinating.  While they are each turning out great, they aren’t giving me enough instant gratification.  So once again, I have set them aside to pursue the greener grass on the quick project side of the fence.

After I got the winterberry potholder done, I realized I still really wanted to do a bunch of vintage style fruit potholders.  I gathered several patterns together and got started.

I’m even messing with a couple of new pattern ideas.  They’re nowhere near ready, they still need more testing but I have the feeling they will be pretty cool.  I can’t find anything by googling them so hopefully soon I’ll have some new stuff to share.

Happy hooking!

life:: everything but crochet

I must have hooker’s-block.  Kind of like writer’s-block.  Got that too.

So here’s more recent and random crafty crap I’ve been doing.

I bought felt.  Lots of felt.  Don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do with it all yet, but I have been pinning felty projects and embroidery projects and something will magically come to me.

I dusted off my box of embroidery floss and whipped up this case for my sunglasses.

That made me feel like I was really rusty with the old needle skills.  More practice would be prudent.

I picked up pipe-cleaners and beads for this cute idea.

Happy crafting friends, thanks for stopping by.

life:: in pursuit of the 70’s

I have a Pinterest love affair going on right now with all things Mod Podge, felt and embroidery.

This week was THE week to act on those urges.  I think I made something similar in 6th grade art class.  And this probably looks very much like the work of a 6th grader as well, but I have decided it’s quirkyness is cool and nobody can talk me out of liking it.

I got the idea from a casino gift shop.  Yes, frickin seriously.  I live near 3 casinos, and in 9 years had never stepped foot into one until my birthday back in November.  My friend Martha, of course could not let me go without experiencing casino life.  Big mistake.  Those frickin places are vile in my book.  We hopped through all 3 in a matter of about an hour.  They are just not my cup of tea.  Maybe the glitzy ones in Vegas or Monte Carlo are exciting and glamorous, but these were decidedly NOT.  The best part of the whole experience for me was the gift shop.  I pretty much had a snarky commentary running on every item in the shop.  Except for the art.  They actually had some cool local art.  Among the garish magenta-splashed, feathered zebra-print tank tops and handbags, I found good ART.  I was amazed.  What captured my attention was an oil painting and a candle holder in the color and style that would look fab in my bathroom.  (Yes, I am a stereo-typical American with a beach theme and shells all over my powder room.) And I promptly hemmed and hawwed to the point I talked myself out of buying them because they were expensive.  Then I promptly regretted it.

We re-decorated that room recently, and yes, those items would have been perfect.  I went back to the gift shop.  Of course they were gone.  You had any doubt?  I know I cannot re-create the painting.  But the candle holder is a different story.  I am crafty, hear me rawr!

I made Mod Podge from a 50/50 mix of school glue and water in a pickle jar, and shook that baby up.  I bought tissue paper in the proper colors.  I rocked the decoupage.  I merely slapped on a layer of goop, then torn tissue paper, then more goop.  I made a deplorable mess.  And I liked it too.

After a few hours of drying…success.

Hippy-chic anyone?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

crochet:: may i have your attention please

I have an announcement.

It’s official.

I have balls.

(This is where you can find out how it all came about from my silly commentary)

And not just A DISCO BALL.  I have 6, count ‘em SIX.  Not only will one grace my rearview mirror, but one for my kitchen window and one for my she-cave-o-crafts and that still leaves more…I’m thinking perhaps a new fangled use for disco balls in the accounting office?  Adding machines need bling too. 😉

Today I received the most awesome Christmas in July package evah!

And it’s all the way from South Africa to Iowa.  Gawd how I love the interwebs.  I have virtually met some really wonderful people.

The crochet brooch…DIVINE.

Thank you thank you thank you, a million thank yous Jill!

Now it’s your turn to watch your mailbox.

I will be sending package of yarny goodies back your way ASAP.

If you want to meet my friend Jill (cuz who doesn’t want to meet a chick with balls?), stop by to visit her here.

She’s a nice piece of work!

life:: the mother lode


what crafty girl wouldn’t want a surprise gift like this?

a very sweet friend dropped these into my life unexpectedly

now, what to make?

For starters there is this and this and this and this…and a few others…

Hmmmmm, I guess I will need to think about this one for awhile.

~there has been a vintage pyrex addition to cheer up my kitchen~

~ and 2 copies of Needlecraft magazine from July 1929 and April 1931~

Check it out!  So cool.  The ads were as captivating as the articles and patterns.

Halitosis?! *OMG*  I’m surprised they didn’t show the bird hanging upside-down from the perch!

At the time, you could buy a copy of Needlecraft for the low, low price of 10 cents!

Better yet, this back-of-the-magazine ad offered a 2-year subscription, 8 plants, and 10 seed packets for $1.  And that was postage paid!

So for right now I am still loving the vintage.  Hope you enjoyed the show.