crochet:: baby shower 2.0

 Awhile back I showed you my first diaper cake.

Meet diaper cake 2.0.

diaper cake 1.2

You can find my directions here.

diaper cake 2

Besides the diaper cake, my other gift to the mommy-to-be was another very hungry caterpillar cocoon.  The post on the first one is here if you are looking for more info.

2nd caterpillar

crochet:: dishcloth replacement time…

Since it was time to toss out the old and stitch up some new…

dish cloths

Loving the star stitch pattern available here.

potholder 1

I followed the stitch recipe, but added my own seasonings.  To change it from a potholder to a dishcloth, omit the 10th pattern repeat row and the loop for hanging.  (aka ~ 9 pattern repeat rows and a sc border, cotton yarn, G hook.)

Bam!  Dishcloth from a potholder.

crochet:: getting my geek on with the hobbit & some tunisian

tunisian colorwork potholder 2

I finally got a chance to see The Hobbit this weekend, and yes I totally geeked out that they mentioned crochet in the movie 🙂

While I watched, I finished up testing this new potholder pattern in Tunisian Colorwork. Which I have decided is a ’thing’, and I think I totally made up that name. I am so ahead of the curve sometimes. So when you hear that Tunisian Colorwork is a ‘thing’ you know where you heard of it first. Right here. With me. Because I wish to be a crochet goddess and have my own book someday where I publish this lovely pattern that I created in Tunisian Colorwork.

tunisian colorwork potholder

What do ya think? Did I say Tunisian Colorwork enough times to make it a ‘thing’?

Doesn’t it look like fun?

Because it totally is.

tunisian colorwork potholder 4

I found color inspiration here, if you happen to like knowing those things.

And well the rest? That was inspired by the need to decide what stitch to use on my NEXT BIG THING afghan. Oh, and the need to have a small project to do more wool testing. Why am I so paranoid to start a 100% wool project??? Perhaps because blocking a king-sized afghan will be next to impossible…perhaps because I don’t want to spend 12 bajillion hours making it only to ruin it when I launder it for the first time?

tunisian colorwork potholder 3

With that said, I am soliciting any and all advice. If you have a tip for working with real wool, and how to care for the finished product…I implore you to share. Pretty please? Frank says he wants his new afghan before he gets sent off to the nursing home. Something about not having the energy to fight off all the little old crazy cat ladies that will inevitably want his blankie…

life:: crafty crushes

So yeah, I’ve been unable to blog for 10 days.  Geez, you’d think I could handle a little break.  Nope.  It’s been driving me nuts!  So so happy to return to the blogosphere.

Now, back to why we are really gathered here today.

I have been crafty crushing on card albums.

card album

Firstly, you need to save about 20 years worth of cards that your significant other has sent you.  No, not really, but that is the one I started with because the Frankster was way into giving me cards for lots of years.  I also have a stack from family and friends that I just can’t part with because of the sweet sentiments and the memories attached to them.  Now to remove them from their forgotten box in the back of the closet.

Secondly, you need to go to the craft store or your magical craft closet and find:

1.) cardboard (I used the back covers of a couple of old spiral notebooks)

2.) scrapbook paper

3.) scrapbooking stickers

4.) glue sticks

5.) scissors/or paper cutter

6.) album rings (The quest for these prompted the 3 hour tour of my local Hobby Lobby)

7.) hole punch (the 2- or 3- ring kind make short work of it if you have access to one)

8.) ruler

I supposed you could get waaaaaay more fancy, but this is just a tute for the basics.

I lined up each of my cards carefully and used a hole punch to get them ready, and then set them aside.

I cut out the cardboard for the front and back covers and used the hole punch on them as well.

Then comes the fun part.  I encased the covers with the scrapbook paper, and started embellishing with stickers.  Easy peasy.  To locate the holes in the cardboard I used the eraser end of  a pencil to indent the paper a little before using the punch again, btw.

After that it is merely a matter of assembly.

card album 2

I am sensing a color theme going on here…

card alblum 3

Now me and my sentimental heart can flip through the years at a moments notice just by picking up a card album from the bookshelf.

Coming soon::   Smash Books ~  I am loving squishing all kinds of junk in it.  Definitely showing you more in the near future.


crochet:: easter wrap up and then moving on, in way too many directions

easter basket 2013

The baskets and their contents were a hit.

jello eggs

The jello eggs made the adults act like kiddos again this year.

smash book

And omigosh, omigosh, omigosh I have a new CrAfTy CrUsH!

Have you heard about Smash Books?  It’s like scrapbooking for the scrapbook-challenged.  Love it!

Since my child is off in Florida for spring break this year and the hubby was working, I had some me-time on Saturday.  I really should not be allowed to roam Hobby Lobby unsupervised.  I got yarn and bandanas and clay and paint and washi tape and Smash Book stuff.  Oh, and all I really went there for was the $2 package of album rings.  Go figure.  And then I came home and tried to work on 12 projects all at once because I was just so incredibly geeked-out.   While I am 100% committed to hooker therapy with 3 WiPs on the hook right now,  none of it is worth sharing yet so you might see a few other projects around here for a few days.

If you have any ideas about Smash Booking you want to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Have a great week!

crochet:: the egg-timer is counting down

This is the final weekend to devote to making Easter gifts.

easter eggs

If you think your littles might enjoy an egg toss (friendly or not), these might be a good alternative to the hard boiled or raw variety being chucked at one’s head.  What, doesn’t that happen at all family egg hunts?

easter eggs 2

The pattern is from Petals to Picots here.  I got the skinny on these from Maryanne in a Woolhogs fb post.  If you haven’t met her yet, it’s worth a visit.  She has lovely ideas and brings together a nice tribe of hookers and other artists with her “Made It” Monthly Challenge.

easter eggs 3

Another great place for a cute egg pattern and Easter tree idea is over at Rainbow Junkie Corner.  Jane has some great stuff and awesome color choices.

Look at me all full of links today.  Can you blame me?  These are some talented girlies!

 While I’m at it, I’ll let you in on the next Easter project I’m trying to finish today.  Jill over at Nice Piece of Work introduced me to Janette and this fun pattern at The Green Dragonfly.   So, now I’m off to make one of her adorable bunnies.


Have a great weekend!

crochet:: why, hello there kitty

Easter time for me means making something for my niece & nephew.  They get enough candy from The Bunny and their grandparents…I go for fun stuff that won’t rot their teeth.

I am hoping my favorite little fashionista will enjoy this.

hello kitty bag 2

I found the kitty & granny blocks here.  From there I pretty much winged it by making a sc oval  with hdc sides for the base and a shell top edging.  I sewed a lining out of an old pink sheet, with 4 large inner pockets. Then I added some sleeves around the handles to keep them stable before attaching the lining to the outer shell.  My sewing skills suck, but she’s only 3 so I can get away with it.  🙂

hello kitty bag

Now I only have 3 weeks to figure out something special to make for a 6 year old boy…suggestions or links to ideas are welcome!

What are you making for the littles in your life this Easter?

life:: will we ever see spring?

I know it’s only February, but man oh man do I need spring.

wishing well

We just keep getting snowed on…with another foot of the white stuff on it’s way later this week.

wine bottle tree

…and this wine-bottle tree was still up at a party we attended.

Awesome creation by one of Frank’s co-workers…but I am so ready for spring.

On another bright note though, I am one single row away from finishing the wool-eater afghan.  The rows now take upwards of 4 hours to complete, and I started it a year ago, but that one will be in the done column this week.  w00ty w00t.

Thanks for stopping by.

crochet:: sky scarf in the ‘done’ column

2012 was the year of the sky for me.

We won’t talk about it being the year of the tomato also…I’ve had enough of that crap…still oooodles and oooodles of canned stuff in my cupboards.  I’m so glad it will be months before gardening season.  I need the break.

Back to the year of the sky, it’s much prettier.

sky scarf 12-1

I must confess, I love it.  What a great project.  Cheers to Lea Redmond, the creator of the concept at Leaf Cutter Designs!

If you’d like some conceptual stitching ideas, check out their flickr pool here.

It got me thinking of new ways to design, and I might even try another conceptual project again this year.

If you want to know my 2012 sky scarf pattern, jump here.

sky scarf 12-2

2012 sky scarf finishing::

Sew or stitch the short ends together either straight away, or with a full twist for a smoother wearable double-looping infinity scarf. (personal preference there, either way is ‘right’)

Attach white yarn to the long side and evenly sc around the whole thing.  Attach darker blue/grey yarn, right side facing still, and linen stitch the row – sc, ch, sc, ch, sc, ch skipping a sc on the base row with each ch.  Attach white yarn again and repeat the linen stitch putting the sc in the ch spaces.  Repeat on the opposite long side. Sew in the ends and enjoy!

I think I am going to embroider the year in an inconspicuous place to finish it off.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS~the new year has just started, so it’s not too late to start a 2013 sky scarf of your own.  Just as long as you remember what it looked like outside the past 2 days.  I won’t tell if you just guess at it 😉