not crochet:: longing for the melons of water

It’s no secret that I love sweet juicy watermelon.

watermelon wedges

For 20 years, when Frank has cut down a tree for firewood, if the starting wedge turns out nice, he brings them to me for garden art.

A little tea, a little sunshine, a Sunday morning on the deck, and a little paint.

Enough slices to share with the neighbor girls 🙂

life:: the BIG PUSH 5.0

And on the 5th day Lisa said, “Let me be done with UFOs”.  And she was.  And it was good.

hook grips 1

I’ve had the clay and hooks waiting for waaaayyyy too long to be done.  So my son and his (good lawd please help me) girlfriend helped me make grips for the last batch of hooks.

hook grips 2

And BAM! UFO #5 was done.  With assistance.  Or assistants.  Which is it?  Or maybe it’s both?

Happy hooking anyway 🙂

crochet:: the BIG PUSH 4.0

In my little matchy-matchy crazy cat lady/hooker corner I shall need illumination.

I found this lamp headed for the dumpster.  I dove.  I saved it. I showed it some love.

lamp before

The shade was screen printed with a dorky surfer dude.  White spray paint covered him immediately.

I also rescued some yarn.  Who throws out VINTAGE MOHAIR Y’ALL??? Barbarians I tell ya.

mohair rescue

Although I have no friggin clue what to do with it, IT MUST LIVE! *suggestions are welcome*

And then I spent a little time on the deck.

lamp 2

Of course wine was involved.  I’m just playing with yarn.  Sheesh, it’s not like I’m operating heavy equipment, right?

lamp 1

And BAM! UFO #4 done 🙂

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

life:: the BIG PUSH 3.0

Last fall we had a hellacious storm blow through the prairie here and it knocked my barn star off my house.

What the hell is a barn star doing on a house you ask?   I don’t have a barn…I improvised.

I guess it was trying to tell me to repaint it so it didn’t look so shabby either.

barn star

BAM! UFO #3 done.

My boy Elroy just hung it back up above the door for me too. Woot 🙂

life:: the BIG PUSH 2.0

I kinda let several paint projects pile up recently, until I was whoosh, inspired.

Then I was like, PAINT ALL THE THINGS!!

You may remember my little cushion & footstool endeavors so that I will be an incredibly cool crazy old cat lady/hooker.

Well if I’m going to get all matchy-matchy here, I need a little notion box to be my catchall for ends, hooks, scissors, etc., right?

notion box

BAM! UFO #2 done 🙂

life:: when life gets in the way

I’m not a liar, I really planned on sharing more paint projects last weekend.  Life got in the way.  Important stuff.

But I’m back now and have lots of artsy stuffage to send you through the wifi.

Many, many moons ago I had cancer as we all know.  It made me decide to finish stuff and not let it languish in corners and closets.  Then I got lazy for awhile. Don’t we all?  The plethora of UFOs in my house got out of hand during that time, so I have been doing the BIG PUSH to get them cleared up and created before summer hits.

Summer means gardening, and my friend Martha wanted these garden markers like reaaaaallly badddddd.

garden markers

BAM! UFO #1 done 🙂

~champagne corks, wine corks, acrylic paint, bamboo skewers, clear spray paint~

Happy Saturday!

crochet:: yo yarnchick, where you been?

Painting.  Not crochet.

Yeppers, you heard right.  I’ve been doing a little painting.

paint 1

Had a little paint party with my besties, Barbie from Ta-Da! Workshop & Miss Cortini.


OOOOOOOooooo, my last name starts with a G.  Betcha only about 3 of you knew that one 🙂

So friends, have a ridiculously amazing day and I will show you more of my painting projects this weekend.

Happy Friday!