photography:: cat of the day photo

What do you get when you turn your back for just a moment while cleaning out a cupboard?

~a kitty museum~

crochet:: poinsettia afghan

The countdown has begun at my house.

My child is bouncing off the walls wanting to open gifts.  At 15, you’d think he might have outgrown that…no dice.

We finally got the tree up last night, and the presents are slowly piling up underneath.

It’s time to take a deep ~ relaxing ~ breath…

and crochet while curled up under Granny’s poinsettia afghan.

This week will be over very soon and I want to enjoy this holiday.

I think I am ready.

Even the cats have finally found some peace.

Who would have ever thought I would see this, considering their mutual intolerance over the past 9 months?  First sign of love between the two of them…ever.




photography:: cat of the day photo

stalking each other in the yard…

do domestic house cats really think they are ferocious like lions and tigers?

or do they just really get into playing pretend?

photography:: miss lexi & miss cali

Good news to report Blog-friends!

The Lexi-Cali stand-off has finally ended in a truce.

No kitty-piles (as opposed to dog-piles) or snuggling together yet, but a truce none-the-less.

Who sleeps like this????

It has taken nearly 4 weeks, new toys (laser pointers are awesome), new food, new litterboxes, countless hours of distraction, and the intrusion of a dog!

(We were dog & horse-sitting for about a week while the neighbors were at Bike Week in Daytona ~ and payment for our services was 10 lbs. of fresh jumbo shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico ~ Woo Hoo!)

We were ALL incredibly stressed out!  Pins and Needles, I tell ya!

I have never had such a difficult time with the getting-to-know-you phase.

Thank goodness it is over ~ the growling and fur flying were nerve racking!

They are finally on friendly terms. YAY!

This photo was taken on the turning point day 🙂

The girls and I wish you a Happy St. Patricks’s Day!