crochet:: granny batch #1 revisited…

Had I not been day dreaming about this…

my absolute favorite beach in Florida, I might have actually done some much needed follow-through.

With all of my whining about the cold and snow and general ikky-ness of Iowa winters, I would have

realized in my busy little world that I have not yet sent my Crochet a Rainbow batch #1.  Ooooops!

So I made a couple more.

Had I sealed the envelope, and shipped it off as I was planning…

I would not have gotten a chance to fatten that package up!

Now repeat after me, do not forget to mail it out, do not forget to mail it out, do not forget to mail it out…

I really need to get a handle on this whole attention-span-of-a-hummingbird thing I’ve got going on.

Happy hooking chicas!

crochet:: amigurumi cookies

Yay cookies!!

As promised…another non-caloric treat.

The sweet stuff is even more fun to make than the veggies, if that is even possible.


Miss Cali may be getting a playmate tomorrow.

We are contemplating a trip to the animal shelter tomorrow.  Our son has been lobbying for a second feline, and we have caved in.  We love to have 2 cats.  They just seem happier when they have a buddy.  Wish us luck that we bring home someone that she really likes!



photography:: spring flowers

Hi there!

What a busy weekend…

lots of household duties, being a kid-taxi, and a winery night with the neighbor girls.

We had some fun with a garage project too.

This was the only creative time I really had this weekend, but it was so nice to share it with my Valentine.

He has been collecting license plates for about 20 years for garage art…his project is off to a great start.

Every guy’s man-cave deserves to have a little character.


This evening I sat down to begin my search for suitable photos to hang in my recently painted office.

I haven’t found THE ONE that will inspire my display, but I sure found that I take LOTS of flower pictures.

These beauties last only 1 night. I have had this cactus for about 18 years.

I love it when I catch them in bloom.


These are some other random spring flowers that got me sidetracked.

I started flipping through the seed & flower catalogs that are arriving almost daily now.





Violets…my favorites…



It is almost time to start planning my spring planting and help Frank work on the vegetable garden.

Spring ~ bring it on!!

Thanks for stopping by!

crochet:: granny bunting

The British & Aussie girls sure know how to inspire a plain-jane American chick!

I would have NEVER thought of making bunting ~ but have seen it done up so cute out here in Blogland.

I love this internet stuff!  It truly is an AWESOME way to exchange ideas and communicate when you realize how accessible it makes the entire globe…all of it instantaneous none-the-less!  I digress…but some days the littlest things amaze me.

I must say, it is the most fun and fabulous addition to my kitchen in a very long time.

It was another “snow-day” project ~ go figure ~ nearly half of our country is having the blizzard from hell.  Bet I’m not the only one stuck at home 🙂

Stay warm, stay home, stay the wonderful hookers that you are!

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crochet:: baby blankie

This has to be my all-time, most-favoritest baby blankie pattern ever.

This particular one is for my niece, whose bedroom happens to be all in grass-green, with yellow and white daisies, and with the most precious white picket fence attached to the walls. (My brother did not enjoy THAT job – but it looks AMAZING!)  Her bedroom is like her own sweet little private garden…

like year-round spring-time…

Oh, how I miss sunshine and buzzing bees and hummingbirds and leaves on the trees!

I really miss these little visitors!!

they tirelessly entertain me during the spring and summer

the price of admission to their show is merely fresh food…

I gladly pay…

I hope they all come back this spring!!


Anyway, here is the skinny on the blankie…

the pattern stitch is merely::

sc & 2 dc in the same stitch, skip 2; repeat across (1 sc at end of row, ch 1 turn)


I love to use 100% cotton for babies because the mommies always tell me that this is their favorite blankie too as it doesn’t irritate baby-skin.  I usually use a G or H hook, use a foundation chain of anywhere from 80 to 110 depending on the age of the baby or the size request of the mom , and edge it with several rows of sc in back loops only.  The possibilities are endless.  I have made them in pink, white & yellow; green, blue & white; and several just out of a single-color.  Sure wish I was blogging then, I would have taken photos!

So ~ if you want an EASY pattern with no counting, and no book to reference all the time ~ give this one a try!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

food:: chocolate banana smoothie 2


My cool kid made smoothies again for us this weekend…

exactly as YUMMY as the last time when I shared the recipe…

and the recipe makes a huge batch!

We have done some experimenting since and found that more banana is not so good, but more CHOCOLATE was pretty nice!

I also visited a local winery this weekend with some friends during a snow storm, but I got some nice photos.  These were the outdoor decks and walkways that wound around to an open-air amphitheater.

I think we will definitely head back to that place when the weather is better.  The company was fabulous, the music was great, the food was lovely, and the wine ROCKED!

Thanks for stopping by!

photography:: new day::new camera::new energy

PSSSST – check it out – I got a new camera and I am soooo excited!   I have to sit on my hands to stop from waving at everyone!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photography and my new camera is just dreamy!   For 20 years I had always used a fabulous film Cannon SLR that I bought from a magazine photographer that made my hobby fun.  In our digital world I have struggled with the technology.  You can’t take good pics with a POS cheap digital camera.  Well, I can’t anyway…and there are so many POS digital cameras on the market.  I have spent soooo much money on junk that doesn’t live up to its hype.  So 7 years and 4 digital cameras later, I have found a great one and I am having so much fun again.

I was so excited about it that I took yesterday off from work and went to the zoo merely to spend the day taking pictures and getting to know what this baby will do.  I was not disappointed.

I got the spend the day with my son, and I think I have finally gotten him interested in photography too.  The teenager that NEVER acts excited about ANYTHING (because they are way TOO COOL to be excited), even helped point out some good shots and wanted to see how they all turned out.  Bonus!!

Have a fabulous weekend! L

PS::The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is phenomenal…but I am not biased at all…my mom is a scientist there 🙂