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  1. Hi, i just purchased the chunk pattern and it’s coming out lovely, I do not want a king size what are the rules for a c2c for sizing. Do I measure the one of the sides and start decreasing when the one side is a the length I want or will that double it in size. just a little confused. I would love to have just done even number of skeins but I started with and open skein and also have regular and jumbo of the same yarn that I just want to get a idea when to start decreasing. Just want a nice size coach afgan maybe 48×60 – thanks for help.

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    1. Thanks Janine! I appreciate the purchase. The notes section explains that you will end up with a square if you follow the pattern as written. If you want it to be 48×48, you are correct with measuring one side and then beginning the decreases. If you would prefer a rectangle, there are lots of c2c tutorials on youtube that will explain how to decrease on one side while increasing on the other for a rectangle. That same theory will apply to this style of afghan also to add the 12” before returning to my pattern decreases. I hope that make sense.


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