crochet:: yeah, yeah, yeah…I took some time off




And just what exactly have I been up to?  Things…stuff…sometimes nothing.  Lots of other social media & deleting a bunch of apps I don’t like.  Taking classes & learning to *gasp* knit.  More about the dark arts later though.


Today is for saying

Hello Again Lovelies!


Today is for easing back into the focus it requires

so I can write again.  It’s been too long.


Today is for showing you some yarnporn

of my experiments in wool dyeing since we last spoke.



Enjoy & thanks for stopping by


super girlie


martha’s beach


capturing summer




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madly, passionately in love with yarn

7 thoughts on “crochet:: yeah, yeah, yeah…I took some time off”

  1. Nice to see you out and about again, yarnchickster! As you know, I absolutely adored knitting the scarf with the yarn you sent me last year. I’d pick up my needles immediately if I ever got my hands on any more of it – let me know when/if you have two balls from the same dyelot (ish) and I’ll ORDER from you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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