crochet:: is it a cozy or cosy?

Having a water bottle is a very British thing to have according to my mother.  I often am quite a British girl according to her.  I also have more Eastern European genetics than I know what to do with, and am not the least bit of British descent.  But my favorite city on the planet is London, I MUST HAVE hot, strong, English breakfast tea in bone china on the daily, and I use traditional English spelling on lots of words by default.  I guess my brain is British, and I’m totally fine with that.

So, whether it’s British to have a water bottle or not, I have a water bottle.  It warms my toes in the winter, it soothes muscle pains, and I would not do without it.  It was a naked water bottle, and now it is cosy…er, cozy…damn, let’s just say it’s in a snuggly onesie.

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7 thoughts on “crochet:: is it a cozy or cosy?”

  1. I have an orange hot water bottle, definitely can’t live without it in winter. Sadly, it is completely naked and, since it seems I’ve forgotten how to crochet, it will have to stay that way. When I was little (and really WAS growing up in England!), I used to get a comic book every Monday, and one of the characters was Walter Hottle Bottle. Crazy the things you never forget…. xxx Have a lovely weekend, Brit Chick

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    1. You’re so adorable! There really was a character?! How captivating that must have been😂
      Since you’ve “forgotten” the art of crochet, let me make yours a snuggly onesie & send it to you😊 I’m serious!
      ❤️Hugs to you my friend ❤

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