crochet:: yep, i’m riding on the ponytail hat bandwagon

They really are kinda cool if you’re into hats…

Thank you Martha for a fun day!!

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10 thoughts on “crochet:: yep, i’m riding on the ponytail hat bandwagon”

  1. Me too!. My daughter, DIL, niece want one. A coworker is paying me to make 4 for her other job. They are EMT s. I found a ponytail pattern but not a bun pattern. I made my own and it is perfect.

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  2. Awesome looking hats. I’ve been crocheting for 50 plus years and just made my very first hat. What pattern did you use and how did you do the last 5 rows on the bottom? You did an awesome job. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jackie! I made mine by taking the parts I liked from multiple patterns and mushing them together in my brain and got really lucky it turned out well. Haha. The last few rows are done with hdc in the 3rd loop behind the stitch (you tilt your work towards you). I’m not sure of the name of the stitch, I’ve used it before here::
      Thanks so much for stopping by!


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