crochet:: occasionally, i make stuff

I’m going to go out on a limb here & suggest that we ALL have been making stuff. 

Did you perhaps notice the dyeing of wool?? Why yes, yes I am dipping my toes into a new endeavor.  It’s frigging wonderful too!! 

That was my first try…I’ll update you when I finish the next batch😘

🎄Happy Holidays All You Fabulous Hookers🎄

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

5 thoughts on “crochet:: occasionally, i make stuff”

    1. I had originally tried to dye it with homegrown indigo leaves & it was a total bust, so I rinsed that out & just did food color dyeing that I found on Pinterest. I’m super happy that works so well! I’m not sure what it will become yet…I’m searching for inspiration. lol


      1. I tried the natural dyed route… Except I used turmeric the white yarn had an slightly yellow tinge but it just looked dirty and a bit grimy. Maybe I should try again with food coloring! I look forward to seeing a finished item 🙂


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