crochet:: stuff on & off the hooks

I’m usually pretty good about finishing what I start and keeping WiPs to a minimum.  Not so much right now. I seem to have let things get out of control through the holidays, and my WiP basket overfloweth…

It’s due in part to an afghan. Yeah, let’s blame it on that.  Alex’s girlfriend requested a chevron blanket and picked some great colors.


In the middle of working on the afghan, sometimes my yarny ADD kicks in and I have Oh squirrel moments.  That results in things like a Minecraft hat for my nephew in Tunisian, some Christmas ornaments, American Girl doll clothes for my niece, a BB-8 hat to commemorate the opening of the new Star Wars movie.

image image image image image image

…and those are just the projects I actually finished…I have 4 more in my WiP basket that are not fit to show you yet…and a list of 40+ items that I really want to do next…but I really need to finish this afghan first!!!

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4 thoughts on “crochet:: stuff on & off the hooks”

  1. Olá, tudo bem?
    Gostaria de saber se você pode me passar a receita da touca BB8? Queria fazer pro filho de um amigo meu.


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