photography:: day two, part two

Not that my last post explained it all or that this post will either, but I feel the need to expand a bit and show you more of Nonsuch Island before we move on to the fern reintroduction site.  Since it is so rare that the average tourist gets to see this microcosm of how Bermuda is supposed to be without human intervention, it only seems right to share.  Alison (our friend from the Ministry of the Environment) cares so deeply for her country, that she nearly had all of us tearing up when she said off the cuff that Nonsuch is how her Bermuda looked 400 years ago.  I guess you had to be in the moment there, but the pride in her voice was intense.

So without further ado, these are a few more of the sights from our hike up and down and around Nonsuch Island.




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