crochet:: random stuffage i’ve been making

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen all of these in the past few weeks and I’m so thankful that you follow me over there!  *cough*cough*only 4 people follow me but I love them for it*  I’ve had my ups and downs with Instagram, kind of fits and starts and quits and start-overs…I lost my first account and never really got into it and thought ‘do I really need more social media?’ and then I realized it was all in how you look at it.  If you see Instagram as more of a micro-blogging platform, then you tend to have a little more fun with it.  Or I do anyway, or something, or I dunno what was I saying?

Here are some pretty pictures to look at because I forgot where I was headed with that. We have various doll accessories, baby hats, and a throw-back to my childhood stuffed puppy (whose name is Buffy beeteedubs) 


So anyway, I’m liking Instagram lots these days and I’m totally over the whole Facebook thing.  If you ask me, it is nearly worthless already with all the ads and anger and UGH…

 [Insert grumble grumble algorithm bulls**t grumble]

And really, even my Yarnchick page gets only a pitiful 2 views whether I post daily or weekly or ignore it for months, and it just doesn’t generate any fun.  It hardly seems worth it when there are much more pleasant places to be like here, or Ravelry, or Instagram, or Pinterest.  At Instgram the focus is more on the art than the words…and maybe I like that more.  I mean, I can only be self-deprecatingly silly for so long and then I’ve worn out me welcome, right?

Not that I’m going anywhere soon, but my problem is that I’m finding less and less time to blog…how about you?  Do you like micro-blogging platforms?  Why or why not?

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18 thoughts on “crochet:: random stuffage i’ve been making”

  1. Don’t like them. Don’t use Instagram. I tried but it was just, I don’t know, frustrating. And small. Too small for me. I like big. I like blogs. I like YOUR blog and you do not ever wear out your welcome in this house. Just remember that the next time you think, hmmmm should i zap out a quick post…nah, no-one will read it….. OKAY ??? xxx

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    1. Aaaaand, of course that is why I love ya Miss Jill! You always say things that make me smile…we should really get together IRL, I do believe we would giggle incessantly 🙂 But duly noted…I shall stop with the second-guessing if it ‘post-worthy’. Because you said so. I will go big.


  2. I will go follow you on instagram! I should have commented before, because I found your blog and fell in love with a few crochet afghan ideas, and have used them…for the nine afghans I’m making for Christmas presents! Anyway…I don’t generally post anything on instagram, mostly just lurk around looking at other people’s posts, but…it is nice for that! You’re a talented artist, keep up the lovely work! =}

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      1. I will try to remember to send you pics when they are all complete! I’m finished with four and about halfway on the others…I work on several at once because I get bored easily! =}

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  3. Oh Lisa, I love all your things that you make and please do not stop blogging. Of course I know how you feel sometimes it doesn’t even seem worth the post, but then when you get a sweet comment and it helps push you forward to write another post. By the way, I read every one of your posts and you always amaze me with your creativity. Thank you so much for sharing YOU with all of us. Love and Hugs, Tamara

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    1. You are always so sweet & positive & I just think the world of you! I don’t plan on stopping with the blog (cuz hey, this was my 500th post & I couldn’t just walk away from that kind of streak) I guess I just need to find my focus again. After losing my Dad, I thought I needed to shake things up to move forward. I like that you helped me jump the hurdle on IG, thanks. It got me focused on the art again. I’m hoping that it will continue to get me to push my boundaries! Love ya friend, xox

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