not just crochet:: how i spent a fall weekend

Because I am a homeowner, of course I spent much of the weekend fixing stuff. Stuff like cleaning the garage & gluing broken crap & vacuum maintenance.

Because duh, that’s most weekends. Amirite?!

BUT, because I am awesome at being a hermit and never leave my house, I was also able to finish up a few more desirable projects too.

My C~A~L socks are done & entered in the drawing for loads of squishy, pretty yarn…


My ivy has been hung successfully…

it took 2 tries because I am pitiful at measuring sometimesย 



Alex’s girlfriend brought over these 2 for a play-date…PRECIOUS!


Drumroll please…

I finished a spice rack up-cycling friggin masterpiece…


Thank you to Martha for the donated old spice rack! My buttons are so OCD happy now๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Thanks for stopping by!

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8 thoughts on “not just crochet:: how i spent a fall weekend”

    1. Isn’t that the bomb?!! I saw it ages ago on pinterest and my little OCD heart skipped a beat. I didn’t take any befores, but it was actually butcherblock blond wood with some spices and labels still on the containers. Martha was sick of it taking up valuable counter space and was going to send it off to Goodwill when I intervened. Hello my new favorite home for buttons!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. am going on a cruise in the next month and would love the pattern for your new stripped afghan it would be perfect for a 13 day cruise — thanks so much rochelle – new follower


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