crochet:: rainbow granny rug 2.0

So waaaaayyy back when I started this little bloggity adventure many moons ago, I shared my rainbow granny rug. I made it to warm up my pitiful little laundry room.

It was looking pretty rough lately, so I gave it a big ole reboot.

I recycled about 90% of the yarn, added a little more, and reversed the colors.


What’s old, is new again.

Happy hooking!


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madly, passionately in love with yarn

4 thoughts on “crochet:: rainbow granny rug 2.0”

    1. I just washed the old rug and frogged it as I conjured up the new one with my trusty wand. It helped that I had done the first one way too loosely with a Q hook. This time I used an M and cut out bad spots as I went, replacing them with another strand of acrylic yarn. In other words, I winged it and got lucky it worked😉


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