crochet:: i’ll never be a foot model either…

Summertime is for making socks for wintertime.


I’ve been spending my free time on the deck making socks…I am a fascinating human being, no?


These are my go-to pattern:: Bluebird Lace Socks from Lion Brand Yarn’s book Just Socks.

I’m off to go be fascinating…try not to be jealous. HA!

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4 thoughts on “crochet:: i’ll never be a foot model either…”

    1. It depends on the pattern & yarn choice, but yes. Because they can be more bulky than knitted socks I like this lacy pattern. I usually use superwash wool from Expression Fiber Arts, (the resilient line & her color ways are superb), or Opal superwash (but it doesn’t have as much elasticity).


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