crochet:: i’ll never make it as a hand model

Man do I love these mitts!

Last year at the Kansas Barn Sale, I got the pleasure of purchasing a pair from Tamara over at Crochet With Tamara.  I was immediately smitten and wore them all winter long. So when she shared where she got the pattern, they ended up on my queued for me list.  And then I promptly let them jump to the front of the line.


And while it is difficult to photograph your own chubby little hand, I had to share.


If you want to make a pair, head over to Moogly Blog 🙂


Happy day friend ~ thanks for stopping by!

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8 thoughts on “crochet:: i’ll never make it as a hand model”

  1. how are your hands chubby? they look beautiful and smooth – the left one, anyway. Post pic of right hand so I can be 100% sure you’re imagining things.
    Oh and the mitts – too mittnificent for words. Adding to My Own List immediately. xxx

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    1. Bwahaha!! The gloves are slimming, it’s a lovely illusion 😉 And do add them, you’ll love them. Tamara sells them by the truckload, I think, and for good reason. I used a chunky homespun like the ones I bought from her to get the best result. (Lion Brand)

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