crochet:: time for laundry on the line

It’s that time of year for me to go old-school and hang laundry on the line as often as possible.  Why you ask?  Because I can.

I reminds me of my childhood, of my son’s childhood, it saves me money and brings some simplicity to life.  I don’t know really…but mostly because I can and I like it.

I started to hang my own stuff out on the line when my son was a baby and we lived on the site of an old farmhouse that still had T-poles up from the 50’s.  We painted the steel poles and restrung them with new line out of nostalgia.  We found that we liked it.  We also had fabulous weather in southern Ohio, and could use the clothesline for many months of the year.  If you hang laundry on the line, you obviously need somewhere to keep your clothespins.  I picked up a cheap fabric clothespin bag at the store and got to work.

Fast forward 20ish years and that cheap bag is frayed and icky.  Necessity being the mother of invention and all, I made a replacement.  I repurposed the metal hanger inside and voila, a brand new peg bag 🙂


It’s constructed of fingering weight wool that I felted.  I’m figuring it will last another 20ish years.  And with that I shall leave you to go hang my sheets on the line.

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6 thoughts on “crochet:: time for laundry on the line”

  1. I love clothes hung out on the line in the fresh air and sunshine!! Lucky lady!! Your new peg bag is stunning!! Do you have a pattern or did you just wing it? I love it! Sandy

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    1. I winged it, of course and would change a couple of things😀
      If you’re feeling froggy and want to try it, with an F hook, just chain about 40 (mine’s a little too wide at 50 ch) and dc in both sides of the chain with 2 dc on the ends. Make sure to leave a 10 ch space on the next round for the hook to poke thru and a 25(ish) ch space when you want the opening for the pegs. Make it as deep as you want, sc it closed, wash it a few times to felt it. Easy peasy!


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