not crochet:: blenders, the multi-talented 8th wonder of the world

Did you know that blenders may be my all-time favorite small appliance?  If you knew, would you really care?  I’m gonna go with no on that second question, but I’m totally good with that.

But, did you also know that the same kitchen wonder can make both the perfect blended margarita as well as making your perfect shade of bronzer?  I KNOW, me either!

mineral make up 2

My current DIY quest has me making my own mineral makeup.

mineral make up

It’s like playing mad scientist ~ without the mess of blowing anything up or alerting the authorities ~ I should get my own show called Breaking Bland 🙂

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3 thoughts on “not crochet:: blenders, the multi-talented 8th wonder of the world”

    1. Well, ‘m trying anyway…if I want my market space to catch more people, I need to diversify my offerings. And plus, I’m a cheapskate and wanted to make it for myself instead of paying over-inflated prices at the makeup counter. It is actually quite easy, fun, and healthier for my skin without all the preservatives. (Through extensive testing, I have been found to be sensitive to just about ANY liquid product on the market because of the preservatives) Necessity is the mother of invention ~ that and the internet.

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