crochet:: something new…sari silk yarn

I’ve told myself time and time again to STOP BUYING novelty yarn!!

But I don’t listen to me all that well.

sari silk yarn

Isn’t this stuff absolutely divine??

sari silk yarn 3

sari silk yarn 2

I’ve started a few scarves as Christmas gifts with this beautiful stuff.

sari silk yarn scarf

sari silk scarf 2

sari silk scarf 3

It’s scooped up threads at the sari factory spun into yarn.  Yay for recycling and upcycling.

And that my friends, inspired me to do a little facelift on the old blogster.

Whatcha think?

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

7 thoughts on “crochet:: something new…sari silk yarn”

  1. Love the new yarn. There’s definitely no passing up something like that, sari for your bank account. 🙂
    Love the new look, nice and crispy fresh, also bigger photos and bigger font, what more could a middle-aged reader ask for?


    1. Bahaha! Good pun 🙂 I actually got quite a good deal over at Expression Fiber Arts ~ I’m also completely smitten with her “Resilient” line of superwash wool. For THAT my bank account squeals in pain.
      Thanks for the feedback on the crispy freshness, I thought the same. I wasn’t sure if it seemed too in-your-face huge, but I forget that may people have the opposite problem from my extreme myopia.
      And PS – love your new look too, I forgot to tell you just how much over at your blog. I think I know who your artist is and I love her drawing style 🙂


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