crochet:: my masterpiece is complete

And the funniest part?

I have stats.

21 months

145 colors

254+ hours

16,747 (approx) yards of yarn

And the most impressive stat of all…

244,896 stitches


palette afghan before

~before washing~

palette afghan

~after 1st shrinking wash~

palette afghan lexi

We’re going to give it the 2nd shrinking wash today.  I fully expect that it will have decreased by 1/3 in size…but we absolutely love it.

This has been my ALL-TIME FAV afghan ever.

And I don’t usually say things like that, because let’s face it afghans take forever to make and if the stitch, yarn, or pattern is a bore/hassle/frustration, I’m just satisified the experience is over.  This one was pure bliss all the way around.

I loved the yarn:: Knit Picks Palette (they don’t pay me btw, but they have been PIVOTAL in changing my mind regarding fibre choice & I will most definitely purchasing from them again.  Just sharing my personal thought as a customer.)

I loved the stitch:: ch, sl st, dc (can you say mindless so I can watch seasons of Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, and tons of football??)

I loved the pattern:: 14 round grannies/join as you go (I could always keep a square or 2 in my purse with me)

The finished product is exactly what I was looking for.  Warm and squishy, soft and cozy, and my very first large-scale 100% wool blanket.

I love it when a project is successful. I’ve decided this is a family heirloom.

My son asked me how much time & money I spent on it.  So I told him & showed him my stats.

Then he asked:: Why didn’t you just buy a new comforter?

He is no longer in the will.

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22 thoughts on “crochet:: my masterpiece is complete”

  1. 244,896 stitches are lost on a teenage boy. I half-expected to have some kind of triumphal fanfare play at the great unveiling. You deserve it! That was a monster of a project! And it looks like it meets cat approval.


    1. I am so sorry that I played it low-key ~ I should have known you would get all giggly if I had played Handel’s Messiah or something super pompandcircumstancy 😉
      Part of my problem was that the lighting is HORRIBLE this time of year and I thought, Meh these photos suck.


      1. Handel’s Messiah IS my favorite, so that woulda been super cool.

        ha I hear ya on the lighting. It seems like no matter what angle or camera setting I use, it always looks like I’m taking pictures in a cave.


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