crochet:: spongebob is in the hooouuuuuse

The 19 y/o child that ordered this will be ever-so-stylish in this season’s hottest accessory.

spongebob 1

spongebob 2

I’m thinking of adding the pattern to my Etsy shop, what do you guys think? Will it sell?

Here’s a link::
Bob From Bikini Bottom Pattern

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11 thoughts on “crochet:: spongebob is in the hooouuuuuse”

    1. HA! I’m not the first – but I couldn’t find a pattern, free or paid, to fill the order so I made one up. I suppose there are licensing issues, just like with Minions…that you really can’t call Minions…
      But why not? YES ~ I’ll be typing up a pattern soon 🙂


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