crochet:: i don’t wear ’em, but i sure make a lot of them


The kiddos love them some hats.

 Making them keeps me out of trouble.

Because we all know I need supervision.

 Like you should see the dress I bought!!  

I’m gonna get it dry cleaned, and I am going to wear the $hit out of that dress.  With high top sneakers and a new tattoo…and maybe some fingerless mitts with a matching shawl…check, check, check iiiitttttt 😉



It’s like my own super hero costume!

I found a crazy yarn chick’s hat that might go well with it ~ check that out on my fb page!

So anyway, back to the matter of hats.

Also Blamo!

my little pony 3

my little pony 2

minion hat crochet

my little pony 1

There are some super kids enjoying my newest creations.

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16 thoughts on “crochet:: i don’t wear ’em, but i sure make a lot of them”

      1. Love your version of MLP hat. I’m working on one right now and have run into a snag…, the curly que “hair”. Do you share your pattern anywhere? I’ve just found you through looking at images on Pinterest.
        Happy hooking!


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      2. I don’t have a pattern, I made it up from looking at pictures as well, but I fortunately kept notes😃

        I made the curls in several lengths, the shortest being 20 ch and the longest being 50 ch…then in each ch I put 2 tr for loose curls and 3 tr for tighter curls. (Most of them were 2tr per ch)

        Hope that helps Tammie! Thanks for visiting my little blog😘


      3. I appreciate your quick response and your notes are all I need. Did you also keep notes about making the eyes? They are the last thing I need to complete making before I assemble this cutey.


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