crochet:: i met Tamara

If you know Tamara from Crochet With Tamara, then you know she is a very gracious online friend.

We’ve been virtually running into each other for years and when I heard about the Kansas Barn Sale last year, I knew I needed to go meet her and check out that sale.  So we met up at the hotel the night before, had a great dinner, crocheted together a bit, and hung out by the pool.  She introduced us to our new friends Susie & Kory, and we got to chat with Tamara’s minion model John.  It was an amazing and fun getaway weekend for us.

kbs 1

We were ready to roll to the Kansas Barn Sale

kbs 9

And then there was a 2 mile long traffic jam so we parked the car in a ditch like many others and walked the remaining mile through a wheat field.

kbs 5

kbs 2

This was our first glimpse of the mayhem.  IT WAS HEAVENLY CHAOS!!!

Really, the photos don’t do it justice.  It was loud and crowded and colorful and stunning and the enormity was amazing.


kbs 12

And then I found Tamara’s bright and beautiful booth.

kbs 3

kbs 10

kbs 11

kbs 4

Of course a selfie was in order.

I brought home this rockin pair of fingerless mitts from her treasure trove of yarny goodness.

Thank you Tamara from the bottom of my heart for making it a great time, you are a sweet & wonderful person! 🙂

kbs 13

I also picked up some jelly from the girls next door to Tamara, and some wool dryer balls.

kbs 14 kbs 15

Then I did some early Christmas shopping and spent ALL my mad money 🙂

 ‘Kip’ & I made our long trek back to the car and then homeward.

Is it just me, or when a man wears a sweater like that, he should be named Kip, right?

kbs 8

Our weekend getaway ended way too soon.

It was such a wonderful experience to finally meet my online friends in person.  Heartwarming and validating and inspirational and I can’t explain just how gratifying it was.

It makes me want to retire from the rat race to make art & connect with exceptional people full-time.

I would love to meet each and every one of you exceptional people that I have met through blogging ~ THANK YOU for being a part of my life!

Oh and PS ~ I highly recommend the Kansas Barn Sale as well.  It’s held in the Wichita, Kansas area every year in October.  Check it out if you can 🙂

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15 thoughts on “crochet:: i met Tamara”

  1. My heart explodes with happiness to read this, and see you with Tamara. You truly have no idea how much I wish I could have jumped on a plane and flown out to be with you both. And to have met Frank and John. And visited that hectic Barn Sale. And had a CROCHET PARTY ❤


    1. I so wish you could jump on a plane!!! I even mentioned during our crochet time that ‘wouldn’t it be great if Jill were here too?’ Someday friend ~ we will find a way ❤


  2. Lisa! It was my pleasure to meet you and Frank. What a sweet post about me and your trip to the Kansas Barn Sale. My heart is overcome with joy. Thank you so much for posting these pictures as I was so busy I didn’t have time to get out and take any of the crowd. By the way did you steal those fingerless gloves away from that lady in the picture above. (just kidding) HAHAHAHAHAHA Love and Hugs, Tamara


      1. PS ~ I didn’t realize I bought the one’s she was trying on in the pic!!! HA! I almost wrestled another woman for them after they got hung back up though!!!


  3. “Kip” works, also “Chauncey.” That barn sale is something else! I love that you trekked through a field to get there. And how cool to get to meet an online buddy! Weensie bit jealous.


  4. Giggling as I read thru your comments……….as busy as it was that day wrestling a lady to the ground for some fingerless gloves on that day seemed quite possible.
    Keep us posted on your knitting machines!


    1. So I worked on them Saturday night with Martha. She found a bent needle I missed ~ thank goodness but alas, we had imbibed in too much martoonie juice and bid adieu to them before we could make things worse 😉


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