photography:: y’all need to meet me on twitter

This is also a CAT OF THE DAY PHOTO

lexi whiskers wednesday

Most of my cat photos end up on twitter, because I cannot resist #WhiskersWednesday, #KittyLoafMonday, #JellyBellyFriday, #Caturday, or #SelfieSunday  But it’s OK because Cali & Lexi are game to pose for me.  It’s like I’m a cheesy photog saying “make love to the camera”

I am a crazy cat lady.

That is all.

Except that if you want to find me, I’d totally tweet with you.

But yeah, just to warn you I am a #TotallyUncensoredCrazyCatLady


 But if you prefer more conventional yarn posts, pattern links and the like;  or don’t want to be a twit(terer)

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2 thoughts on “photography:: y’all need to meet me on twitter”

  1. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Cali. I, too, would be a crazy cat lady if my son’s allergy to cats had not been so bad. One day I visited a friend who had a cat and I held her for a few minutes while my girlfriend and I visited. That was in the morning and I was home by noon. I washed my hands after I got home but I didn’t change clothes. My son came home about 7:30 just in time for supper. He had not been home more than about 5-7 minutes before he started wheezing and sneezing. The first thing he said was, “O.K., who’s been petting a cat?” He had a reaction to the dander still on my clothes more than 8 hours after I held Biscuit (my friend’s cat). By the way, were you aware that Cali is the Indian (as in from India) goddess of destruction. It seemed like the perfect name for a dog originally bred to hunt lions!

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    1. Wow ~ I had no idea about the meaning behind her name! No wonder we call her ‘bitch kitty’ HA!
      She was actually a stray that ended up on my deck in a snow storm and we only named her Cali as a joke…short for calico 😉


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