photography:: some horses & my daddy



I know I don’t talk about my Daddy here at all.  But there are reasons.

My Daddy is amazing and brilliant and I am still a daddy’s girl at 45 years old.  My Daddy also has in-operable terminal cancer.  I have been able to spend the past 6 years with him because he is brave and noble and awesome and can SUCK IT UP SOLDIER and deal with all the BS that goes with his diagnosis & treatment.  So yeah, every moment I can spend with my Daddy counts.  HUGE.

This particular day? GREAT.

daddy 2

young stuff

He was able to forget the big C for just awhile.

He left the farm for the big city in the early 60’s,  so it’s been a very long time since he has seen a Shetland pony and her 1 ft tall baby.

Seriously ~ 12 inches at the shoulder ~ it was so cute, but the bull in the background was all “if I could get to you, I would be your worst nightmare”.

shetland pony baby

We talked and laughed and for that I am thankful.

That is what life and family and finding some zen is all about.

shetland pony baby 2

Have a ridiculously amazing day.

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10 thoughts on “photography:: some horses & my daddy”

    1. I wish it were my little pony (get it? ~ you know I had to go for the pun)
      It actually lives next door. That way I get all of the enjoyment, but none of the work 😉


  1. It’s wonderful that you still have him. My dad survived what his doctors told us was terminal cancer twice. Once in 1985 and again in 2005. I lost him on May 4, 2009, but not to cancer.
    He had always prayed that he would not be bedridden and become a burden on Mother. The first day he couldn’t get out of bed he went “on home” peacefully in his sleep. He was just shy of his 83rd birthday. Keep taking those pictures and make the most of every single moment. You are so blessed to have him…and he, you.


  2. Oh Lisa I’m so glad that you were able to spend time with your Daddy. It’s so hard to watch someone going through cancer and to be the one on the other side wanting to do anything to help them. Love up on your Daddy and know that you will always be a Daddy’s girl no matter what. Love and Hugs, Tamara


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