crochet:: move along nothing (new) to see here


monster hats

Sweet friends keep ordering the same old stuff.  So I keep making the same old stuff.

Like em?  Yeah, can’t help ya with the pattern because it’s not mine.  I just got inspired by stuff I saw on Pinterest.  As for the Very Hungry Caterpillar, my post is here with the link to the original pattern. It’s free, but also, not mine.

car coasters purple

I’ve been making lots of car coasters too.  Again, not my pattern but a link to the free pattern is here.  I love purple.  Just thought you needed to know that too.

The next photo is from my phone with it tossed on the arm of my chair at like 11pm, so it is actually a square and not some mutant squiggly aberration.

dish cloth

And then, I tried a new dish cloth idea.  Hmmm, not sure if it’s a keeper.  Any thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “crochet:: move along nothing (new) to see here”

  1. Hi, your right nothing new or interesting….would like to see some nice patterns……..some times crochet takes and ugly turn…..this pattern is one of them……..Crochet can be a beautiful Art Form or made into very unattractive patterns………even in fun this is not a cute pattern to waste time on………just honest and up front….too many sites competing,many too choose from…….you have had many nice patterns,recipes in the past….it is like you do not give this site the attention it needs……please make a comeback….thank you…….

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    1. Sorry you feel that way Sharon, thanks for your opinion. I have been working on several large projects that I want to share, but don’t feel they are ready yet. In the mean time, I have tried to share bits and pieces to be silly & funny, because the bulk of my hooky time keeps getting spent on special orders from my wonderful customers and friends.


  2. A lot of negativity from Sharon there. 😦 I think the dishcloth pattern would be pretty for a blanket but I must say I like my dishcloths functional. I think that one might be hard to keep clean. Love the hats. And what is wrong with using other peoples patterns?!


    1. Thanks for the input Jane 🙂 I was going for a hybrid nubby scrubber/dishcloth. It was really just a vague concept that I was fiddling with way too late at night. And as ugly as it is ~ it works really well! Sometimes it’s function over form 😉


  3. I feel really dumb right now. I always thought I would never crochet anything that “fancy” or too cute to get wet or dirty to make a dish cloth. It never dawned on me how helpful all the little extra stitches or bobbles could be when it comes to cleaning dishes.
    P.s. I think you show a lot of class not to stop to Sharon’s level. Some mean girls never grow up. They just grow into mean, unhappy old women!


    1. Sometimes I feel the same way ~ but what the hell? Why save the good jewelry for a special occasion? Being above ground each day is special occasion enough for me these days 🙂 So you better share your fanciest dishcloth when it is as dirty as it gets!


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