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My talented and very funny friend Jill shared this BonBon Hat pattern recently.  While she is in the throes of a southern hemisphere winter and I am in the opposite, I still felt the need to try out her pattern.  I fell in love with it.  So wonderfully squishy and thick and warm.  Oh, and she told me about the Clover pompom maker ~ definitely worth getting!!!  My BonBon experience has been fabulous.  And I need fabulous in my life every damn day.


I also did not read her directions completely.  I was a skimmer.  This first attempt will definitely be for a toddler.  Adults do not have skinny heads.  The second one?  Well, it is just turning out fantastic and will be ready for wearing in November.

But for now, I am back to making car coasters and market bags and  group yarnbombing projects and you know, stuff.  My farmers’ market days are becoming a blur, but I am finally making a little money.   My Etsy shop has had visitors & purchasers galore.    So here is a BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful friends in our little Share Week Group ~ let’s do that again soon!

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

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6 thoughts on “crochet:: bonbon”

  1. DUDE!!!!!!! Love your BonBon, especially with the pompom on top. I’m so delighted you tried it, I’ve been really concerned that my lack of precise instructions is just plain off-putting for most people. The BonBons have been extremely popular at the markets, people can’t believe how soft and squidgy they are.
    I am so chuffed that your market days are paying off (literally). There is no substitute for meeting people in person. Even if they don’t buy from you straightaway, they may do next time but they’ll also pass the word on. I imagine you make a wonderful impression on people 🙂


    1. Nah, no need for concern because it’s a great hat. I’m just thrilled to do a “legacy” pattern that has never really been written down and passed on. And I was serious about the Clover ~ you were so right about it being the best pom solution out there. Huge thanks for that and all the cool stuff you help me out with. PS ~ found your friend Freedom this morning and am placing a order for a fairy skirt!! Excited like a kid! Hope your weekend is fab! xoxo


  2. Hi Lisa! I love your BonBon hat and I especially love the color. I haven’t tried Jill’s pattern yet but I know it would be a wonderful pattern. I’m so happy that you are doing well with the Farmer’s Market and your Etsy shop. I am not surprised at all; your creations are beautiful. Have a great weekend! Love and Hugs, Tamara


    1. Thanks chica! I am actually getting a few repeat customers so I’m pretty excited about that. I think you’ll like the BonBon too, and it might go over quite well at the KS Barn Sale. Which, btw, I am pretty geeked out excited about that too! Hope your weekend is great too! xoxo


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