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market bag 1

Since my gig at the bakery fell through a couple months ago,  I have been trying to decide on my next step to move more towards my bliss.  I have been visiting farmers’ markets and I really like the vibe.  I am also quite inspired by these girls that do the market thing regularly.  You can find all of them on facebook and Etsy.

Jill @ Jam Tarts

Alice @ Random Girl Alice

Barbie @ Ta-Da! Workshop

Margaret @ RJ Ranch Pottery

One thought I had was that people might want a bag to purchase at said markets to carry their produce etc.  This was my first stab at a market bag, and I would have to price items made with this pattern sky-high to make any money.  I love the style, the shape and the size but it took me more than 4 hours of hooking to make 1 bag.   So, I am keeping this one for myself.  Because I will need something to carry all my money home in, amiright?

 You can find the pattern here.

I am now working on my own simplified version of a market bag.  I’ve also contacted my local farmers’ market for the rules & regs and it looks like I will be back in business next Wednesday! Yeehaw!

Make your day ridiculously amazing 🙂

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7 thoughts on “crochet:: market bag”

  1. I hope you need two bags, my friend. Good for you for finding another avenue. No effort is wasted in the end….
    If you’re going to spend 4 hours making one item, it needs to be something incredibly special for someone to be willing to pay what you would have to charge if you want to get a decent return. I have learned this the hardest way. You either need to find things that take less time to make, or get fancy. It’s a tricky balancing act. Or make a product “yours” by means of an add-on (eg. a crochet decoration on a purchased bag or hat, or a crocheted frill around a cardigan).
    You go, farm girl


    1. You are soooo right on that! I have simplified the pattern and can now complete one in about 2 hours – but I don’t think they will be a big seller so I am just making a couple. 🙂


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