crochet:: yarnbomb the auto

A few months ago I finally got a newer car.

I almost feel like I need to insert an obituary here for my old one.  I’d call it, ‘Ode to Jesus’.

See my cheap little tin can of a car had enough torque to pull big old Ford trucks out of the mud, so he was named Jesus.  Because Jesus Saves if you listen to the Christians.

Jesus was shall we say, a tad eclectic.  He had a disco ball hanging from the mirror.  He had a Hello Kitty steering wheel cover.  He had Save the TaTas and Apple stickers.  He had a crochet blanket over the back seat.  He had an Obi Wan Lego man on the dash.  He had kitschy STYLE.  He was such a dorkmobile and I loved him.  I had other projects planned for him…crochet spare tire cover…granny square headrests…perhaps a crochet driver seat cover…I would have continued to upgrade his dorkiness, but alas, he was over 200,000 miles old and Frankie was tired of getting him repaired.

So now I have Dweezil.  At least I think he’s been named Dweezil.  He has no personality yet.  I REALLY wanted my mid-life crisis car, a red convertible VW bug that would have been named Brad (yes, as in Pitt), but that was not the deal that got sent my way by the powers that be.  I couldn’t pass up the price and value of this boring-crossover-grocery-getting-nerd-car.

I’ve added back the disco ball, and the Hello Kitty steering wheel cover, but I need more.  Dweezil deserves more.  Jesus’ legacy requires more.

Today, I added cup holder liners.

That’s a start.

I prefer to call them car coasters.

car coasters 2


I made mine with 100% cotton yarn and an H hook.

car coasters 1

You can kitschy-up your car too if you follow this link.

Or this Pinterest pin.

Have a ridiculously amazing day!


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15 thoughts on “crochet:: yarnbomb the auto”

  1. You did a great job with those! Thanks for sharing my link and may Dweezil bring you some amazing times and get super kitschy.
    My next car pattern will be a wheel cover for the back spare. Love your blog!


  2. You’re on the right track here: Dweezil needs something all his very own to cement his place in dorkmobile history. I have a friend who mounted a cow bell to his dashboard and brought along a drumstick so that he could enhance the radio airplay on his commute.


    1. Now THAT is like a kitschy super power! I have an old farmhand gathering triangle that might find it’s way into Dweezil’s life. Thanks for the inspiration!


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