photography:: my view is skewed

What I thought was teeny tiny enough to be a hummingbird nest is apparently not.

not hummingbird eggs

My research data is inconclusive as to the species of these eggs that magically appeared overnight.

And I say magically because I refuse to google bird sex to find out how they get there technically. So we are going with magically appearing bird eggs.  My *ahem* extensive research, which may or may not have been limited to hummingbird nests and hummingbird eggs on google images, resulted in the fact that these are not hummingbird eggs.  Hummingbird eggs are white and their nests are even smaller than this.  Hummingbird nests must be amazingly small because these eggs are only the size of jelly beans.  The island punch blue ones by Jelly Belly…mmmm.  Or the plum. Or the mixed berry smoothie flavor. Bye.

Running to the store for jelly beans.

See ya soon!

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6 thoughts on “photography:: my view is skewed”

    1. I wondered that too – but the nest doesn’t seem to be sturdy enough or the right size for a robin. Maybe a chickadee or a finch??? It’s really tiny and fragile. Maybe I should do a little more research… 🙂


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