crochet:: a chickie that i adore

During the BIG PUSH to get rid of UFOs, I forgot to show you that I made Cheep Cheep the Chick from the free pattern over at the Green Dragonfly.

chickie 2

As usual, it was created on the deck with a little vino involvement.


That was back at Easter time.  But hey, now would be the perfect time to head over there to snag a copy of the pattern and get a jump on next year.  That way when you pull out the Easter decorations for next year, you will surprise yourself with a little Cheep Cheep of your own.  They take no time at all to make.  And if you didn’t make the fab matching bunny last year, seriously you NEED to follow the link above to make one of those as well 😉

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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