crochet:: vintage mohair

I found a great idea for the vintage mohair I saved from the dumpster over at Squirrel Picnic.

Talk about perfect timing!

mohair brooch

Fun & quick & cute!

mohair brooch 2

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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6 thoughts on “crochet:: vintage mohair”

    1. Me too ~ and of course it got my wheels spinning about other flower brooch ideas. I had never thought to use mohair for them! It’s so scary when the lightbulb goes off above my head 😉


    1. She has quite a bit of good stuff over there. Kinda like you!
      I am making a BonBon. I think I will need to make a second one to really get the hang of the increases though. Thanks so much for sharing what you learned from her ~ we gotta keep passing the knowledge on 🙂


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