life:: the BIG PUSH 5.0

And on the 5th day Lisa said, “Let me be done with UFOs”.  And she was.  And it was good.

hook grips 1

I’ve had the clay and hooks waiting for waaaayyyy too long to be done.  So my son and his (good lawd please help me) girlfriend helped me make grips for the last batch of hooks.

hook grips 2

And BAM! UFO #5 was done.  With assistance.  Or assistants.  Which is it?  Or maybe it’s both?

Happy hooking anyway 🙂

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7 thoughts on “life:: the BIG PUSH 5.0”

  1. It is both. They are gorgeous ! I use the ones you sent me every single day and woe betide ANYONE who “borrows” one and uses it for something else and DOESN’T PUT IT BACK WITH THE OTHERS.


    1. That is awesome that you love them as much as I do! You need to rig a booby-trap so that the borrowing can be thwarted. I’m thinking one of those bear trap contraptions? Or does that go a little too far?


      1. I know all of you foreigners think we are surrounded by lions and tigers and wild bears here in Africa, but we’re really not!!! A mouse trap would work plenty good.


    2. Good, because a bear trap would have been a bit much for your Alex or Rob…I supposed we wouldn’t want to put them in the hospital over a hook. Or would we??? Muahahaha


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