crochet:: the BIG PUSH 4.0

In my little matchy-matchy crazy cat lady/hooker corner I shall need illumination.

I found this lamp headed for the dumpster.  I dove.  I saved it. I showed it some love.

lamp before

The shade was screen printed with a dorky surfer dude.  White spray paint covered him immediately.

I also rescued some yarn.  Who throws out VINTAGE MOHAIR Y’ALL??? Barbarians I tell ya.

mohair rescue

Although I have no friggin clue what to do with it, IT MUST LIVE! *suggestions are welcome*

And then I spent a little time on the deck.

lamp 2

Of course wine was involved.  I’m just playing with yarn.  Sheesh, it’s not like I’m operating heavy equipment, right?

lamp 1

And BAM! UFO #4 done 🙂

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

14 thoughts on “crochet:: the BIG PUSH 4.0”

    1. Thank you my dear. Should you ever visit the US ~ I am smack dab in the middle of the country and you are VERY WELCOME to stop in for tea and yarny stuff 🙂


  1. Love it! Who would throw out a cool lamp like that? (Well, minus the surfer dude.) Love the colors you chose. I can’t wait to see what you do with the yarn, also.
    A Fellow Crazy Cat Lady in Massachusetts


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