crochet:: stool cover

Martha needed a cover for her kitchen stool.

I made her stool cool.

stool 1

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

14 thoughts on “crochet:: stool cover”

    1. Thanks, now that Martha’s is all dolled up, I have 2 (or 4, or more) that I need to gussy up too! I did a long chain and threaded it through the edges to cinch it down. Your are a good-idea-girl too, so let me know if you come up with a better way 🙂 Hugs to you too!


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    1. I’m sorry, I don’t. It’s really just a rectangle in Catherine’s Wheel stitch, with a drawstring threaded through the edges and tied underneath. Thanks for stopping by to visit Deidre 🙂


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