crochet:: friends, hoarders, yarn artists…lend me your patterns

Pretty please?

And I meant hoarders in the nicest way possible.  More like stashers.  I am among you, as a pattern hoarder myself.  I think I even like the term pattern stasher better too.  Anyway, I am tossing out the net to see what I can catch for a friend.

Ya see this friend, let’s call her Patty since that’s her name, is pining for a pattern.  She’s dying to find the needle in the haystack.  She’s a woman on a mission and I need to help her out.  And yet I cannot.  I have hundreds, nay thousands of patterns, from vintage 1920’s to current with the interwebz at my command and yet I cannot find THE PATTERN of which she is desperately searching.

If you should have the pattern tucked away and would be willing to share, you would make Patty very happy.  And isn’t that what this thing we play on called the interwebz is meant for doing?

Well there’s that and cat pictures.

herrschners tree

A million thank yous in advance!

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