crochet:: oversized coasters

While I am busy, busy, busy getting ready for my little bakery space debut, I shall keep you ever-so-entertained with some of the stuff I was up to during my internet vacation at the end of 2013.

I made these for a friend for Christmas and could not share them till after they were gifted.

She bought a whole new bedroom linen set and these are for her nightstand beverages.


Inspiration was found here.

Toodles šŸ™‚

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7 thoughts on “crochet:: oversized coasters”

  1. those coasters are delicious. I went to look at Tea at Weasel’s blog (and it looks gorgeous, she sounds like a keeper!) but I don’t see the pattern – she said she made them from a pattern for a rug, just did 1st three rows. Did you make the pattern up yourself just from looking at them? Just incredible! You’re really getting damn good at this crochet thing, ya?


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