crochet:: damn my bohemian roundness

Oh how I wish I could wear tall boots with cuffs! 

But I think they are for skinny legs only…

boot cuffs

 So I made them for a thin, young friend of mine for Christmas.

The great story that goes with these::

Last summer, this friend gave me a tin full of old buttons that used to belong to her grandmother.

Guess where the buttons came from?  Yeah, totally cool.

boot cuffs 2

The pattern by Crochet Dreamz can be found here.  And here is the post.

Have a ridiculously amazing day!

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21 thoughts on “crochet:: damn my bohemian roundness”

  1. Lol I’m the exact opposite – my legs are too skinny for those kind of boots! I call them “chicken legs” because they just look like sticks. Boots must be made for people in the middle…?


  2. Oh my gosh. I am making these very ones right now and I plan on wearing them on these fat calves of mine with my tall wide top boots. Of course, we’ll see for sure since I haven’t tried them on yet. 🙂 Hugs, Tamara


  3. I’m totally with you – I’d loooove to be able to wear tall skinny boots with those gorgeous cuffs, but alas I have whopper calves! I have to buy shorter boots or “generous calf” sized boots with reams of elastic! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Crochet Dreamz! xoxoxox


  4. I saw a woman in Costco today wearing chic boots with cuffs peeking over the top and I thought, “She looks really put together.” But I’d be willing to bet that her cuffs weren’t crocheted with love and embellished with family heirloom vintage buttons.


  5. I agree with your commenters, There is a boot cuff for everyone! How about one that is more delicate lace than sweatery… a little lace peeking out of a boot is super sexy in my opinion, almost like a glimpse at a lady’s underwear. You can whip up a little filagree lace and hand sew it on to the top of any sock (cut off the foot of the sock and voila- you are in business!) Or repurpose the sleeve of an old sweater for the task. I have even come across a pair with a delicate ribbon woven through the lace and tied with a cute bow… almost like garters.

    Love your work! Imaginitive and beautiful. I am new to the world of blogging but not new to arts of knit and crochet, I tip my hat to you.

    Cre8tive Together


    1. Hi Kristin! Thanks for the sweet words 🙂 I like your idea of lacing them up – tres chic! I’ve checked out your blog and will enjoy seeing your work. Welcome to my world, let’s have some fun sharing!


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