crochet:: welcome to the new year

Oh hey, Happy New Year my friends in yarn!

Hopefully the year has been a smashing success for y’all so far.  I’ve been taking an interwebz vacation and I’m back all refreshed and sunshiney now 🙂

During my little web-sabatical I have been hooking away, so here are some of the toddler hats I’ve been working on::
toddler hats

I will be starting my newest business venture this week with my little space in a local bakery…wish me luck!

This one is my fav ~ and I might even make one in my size!

chickie hat

Thanks for stopping by.

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12 thoughts on “crochet:: welcome to the new year”

  1. Love your hats! Did you have a pattern for the snowflake or just make it as you went? Is the space in the bakery actual bakery or yarn space?


    1. Hi Liz 🙂
      I just made up the snowflake by stitching with a doubled up piece of white yarn and needle. I could sketch it out for you if really want it, just let me know. As for the bakery ~ it’s yarny space! Wooty woot 🙂 The shop owner thought it might be fun to have crafty corner.


  2. all the hats are gorgeous, ( and you realise I’m going to copy your chick? ) but the one with the pompoms is DIVINE. Here is your order for the week: POST PIC OF YOUR BAKERY DISPLAY WITHIN FIVE MINUTES OF COMPLETION. I am dying to see what you do with it. And make sure you have more stock – the orders will start flowing in and you’ll be making your own dough!


  3. I so agree. That chickie hat makes me want to squeee. I’m excited to hear how your little business goes! It sounds low pressure, just being set up there in the bakery, so hopefully that will make it more fun for you (not like sitting there at a craft fair questioning your sanity). And I’ve no doubt that your awesome creations will catch people’s eyes!


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