crochet:: when in doubt, make a stocking

I have that ONE PERSON to still shop for. You want to give them a gift that says thank you for being there and you are always so kind to me and no matter where life takes you I will always be your friend.  Finding that gift is next to impossible. 

I have 4 special orders to still complete.  I am bored to tears making the same hats over and over.  They are adorable and all, but hey it’s time to move on.

I was offered a small display area in a local business.  Insert jumping up and down and squees of excitement here. 

What did I do instead?

Yeah.  I made a stocking.  That I really don’t need.


If I don’t see y’all for a few days…


May your holidays be filled with peace, joy and love.

Go out there and do something nice for yourself, or someone you love, or a complete stranger…

and make this holiday season ridiculously amazing.

Love to all of you from me 🙂

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9 thoughts on “crochet:: when in doubt, make a stocking”

    1. I’m thinking hats and coasters and scarves first. It’s a cute little bakery that just opened up in town. They made my yarny birthday cake a couple of weeks ago, and I had to stop in and check it out. Loved meeting the owner! She is sweet just like her shop!


  1. Procrastination can produce some of the most interesting results… just not necessarily on what one would expect to be done. 😉 “Make a stocking” makes sense to me. Merry, merry Christmas!


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