crochet:: poppin’ in to say ‘hai’

Oh HAAAIII my friends.

I’ve been a hot mess of yarn and food and hospitals and events and books and appointments lately.

Everybody is getting back to normal and I am almost finished with my special orders, which has been friggin outstandtastic lately, beeteedubs!  I have had the good fortune of local friends taking an interest in my geeky aspirations and they have been ordering stuff left and right.  Holy moly it’s even enough to ADD money to my slush-fund yarn bank account!  Most of the time it just inches ever so slowly down with supply purchases and Etsy fees.

If you haven’t been visiting my Facebook page, you missed a couple of updates::

So my dearies ~ come find me on Facebook

or on Twitter (my outlet to be a little more off-the-wall and uncensored)

When I’m not a-bloggin’, I’m being silly or sharing over there!

Smooches Y’all!

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6 thoughts on “crochet:: poppin’ in to say ‘hai’”

    1. You know it! Sometimes I just gotta be me 😉 And me can cuss like a sailor. I figure I was a pirate in a past life and Twitter is how I channel it. It would also explain why Frankie thinks it’s funny to call me “Wench”.


  1. Hi, I truely understand where you are coming from. These hat are cute! Looks like your son didn’t want no part of it, but, did a nice job wearing it. I fully understand where your work brings you. I myself have many dead lines that need to be meet, but I’m only 1 person doing the crocheting work of at least 5. I’m up late and up very early just to make my customer’s happy. I’ve got to start much earlier next year. Again, your hat’s are great looking. I love your work. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. If I don’t login again, have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.



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