crochet:: how i did halloween

What do you call someone who ‘bah humbugs’ Halloween?

When my kid was little it was so much fun.

I have oodles of Halloween decorations.

I didn’t even open the boxes this year.

I was all, yay I’m bringing the Halloween boxes upstairs.  And then they sat in the living room for 2 days and I was all, nah not gonna happen because no one gives a damn.  And back down to the storage room they went.

And then I was all, but I gotta do something for Halloween. And we got invited to a party, so I was all I am making the most awesomest Harry Potter costume for my teenager because everyone at his job uses that as his nickname.  So I scrounged up every Harry Potter DIY pin from Pinterest to try to deliver on my promise and I made a magic wand and a back up magic wand and I planned a trip to buy fabric for the Invisibility Cloak and I got the Gryffindor crests done and I started to crochet a scarf and then those a-holes decided we weren’t going to the party after all.

So I didn’t bother finishing the scarf and I decorated for Halloween like this::

harry potter scarf

I also kept the magic wand and the back up magic wand.

If those boys mess with me I shall turn them into toads.

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One thought on “crochet:: how i did halloween”

  1. I love the scarf tied to the mailbox! It makes one wonder what happen to Harry! When you turn them into toads, be sure to get plenty of pictures!! LOL!!


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