crochet:: a tribute to the lorax

Special order Halloween accessory for a very little sweetie 🙂

lorax 1

Yes, it’s true.  My model today is a Cabbage Patch from 1980.

lorax 2

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5 thoughts on “crochet:: a tribute to the lorax”

  1. Gorgeous hat. I have to ask–what is the doll’s name? I was a bit too old for cabbage patch kids, but my daughter had one around 1999 named Angela Mary–I couldn’t believe they still had such normal names left if they really weren’t re-using them at all.


    1. Thanks! I honestly have no idea what her name was. I recall it was incredibly normal too 🙂 I was too old as well, but my Mom bought it anyway for Christmas that year just because they were so popular. I guess that’s how mine survived all these years, it got boxed up pretty quickly when I discovered boys.


  2. Hi, Lisa, this is Daph Darcy Y.’s sis… Your post on the whole eating disorder/weight thing resonated with me… and I need to tell you I get all that. So, we are kinda sisters in that regard. I just wanted to share a thing that has been helping me move forward in those two places; a book (ancient) called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. She must be in late 70’s now, but man, I studied that thing trying to sponge in by osmosis the new worldviews about my FEAR, and how to change from fear to something better. I don’t cotton to every idea she has; ( I can’t swallow reincarnation yet:)), but I am better now mostly because I am thinking and feeling differently about me now. I don’t want to be pushy or anything, just thought I could share this and you could see for you. All the best to you my artistic, creative friend/sis…Daph


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